42 thoughts on “Meet this Secret group of women called “The 9 Nanas” 😱

  1. No words exist on this earth that can describe my pure and absolute joy upon reading this story.

    This gives me faith in humanity.

  2. *The 9 Nanas consider themselves sisters, and have been together since childhood. Several of them were raised by MaMaw and PaPaw, a couple that was always doing good for the community.*

    *So, one day when the ladies got together for a card game, they started reminiscing about the “old days” with MaMaw and PaPaw. They fondly recalled how MaMaw Ruth used to bake and send pound cakes to families who had recently lost someone. She didn’t have to know them. She’d read about a death in the paper, and would immediately head to the kitchen*

  3. I feel bad enough that I can’t do this at 9am. You all are fucked if you expect me to do this at 4am. I’m so sorry. But, 4am? C’mon.

  4. Every time I read this story I think, “Why 4 am?” Finally, i have my answer, it isn’t 4 am the author just took some liberties. Here is the exact quote:

    > The ladies slip into the restaurant at sunrise and complete their baking before any other staff arrives.

  5. What did they tell their significant others to keep the secret I wonder. Sneaking out at 4 AM to do good deeds wouldn’t go unnoticed. They must have had a cover story.

  6. There’s a group of women in my town who are similar. A friend let slip once that she was a member. We’ve all begged to be added to the group (but they decided to keep a strict limit of the number of members) and begged to know who else is in it, but she never tells!

  7. Maybe I’m pessimistic but every time I see a story like this I think to myself “the country is so fucked up that we need people like this so not everyone just dies in the street.” It’s amazing they did this, but so fucked that they needed to do it.

  8. I’m not trying to be a negative nancy, I mean helping people is fantastic. But isn’t it kind of shitty to spend significant amounts of money without telling your SO? If they were paying bills that sounds pretty significant. If I did that to my SO I would consider it breaching her trust.

  9. So they were lying to their significant others for years hiding money from them? I support this activity, but not at the expense of lying to your partners.

    If you keep a secret life, you should examine your life and why you have to keep it secret. Or you should fess up and talk to your partner about your life.

    This isn’t cute, it’s manipulative, regardless of the positive outcome.

  10. This is wholesome, and a great charitable act. It does warm my heart to see something like this. However, I can’t help but wonder, was the money coming from each of the involved wives/nanas? If so, I feel like the secret movement of money for a long period like this is a breach of trust in a relationship/marriage. Even if the one keeping the secret is doing something charitable, both parties should have a say where their money is going.

    To be fair, there are a thousand possibilities here. One of which being those involved were in relationships where they had decided the money was split such that portions belonged to each party, separately. In this case each party was free to do as they pleased with “their” money, without the need to inform the other party in the relationship.

    Still a great story, and wonderful hearts.

  11. Hate to be pessimistic towards such an uplifting story but assuming they put in an equal amount each month and going back 30 years while accounting for inflation, they were each paying around $90 per month. I by no means control my partner’s spending but I like to think that we are very open with our finances and discuss when spending money outside necessity. So how the hell did this go unchecked by all of their husbands for so long? Again, nice to hear such an act of kindness but what the hell?

  12. I’d be kinda pissed if I was working my entire life and learned that for 30 years my wife was embezzling money…

  13. “nine Christian women kept secrets from everyone including their husbands to help everyone else.” The secrecy part from their husbands doesn’t sound like one following Christianity to me at all.

  14. As much as these are great people and good hearted, I dream of a world where a cabal of women don’t need to sneak around at 4am providing basic provisions for people.

    Remember that we choose to let people be impovershed and it could end overnight.

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