48 thoughts on “This looks like lots of fun

  1. This is so wholesome. I wonder when it was filmed, it has to be more than a year old as there is no one with a mask on in the entire video.

  2. I dont eat donuts, but chocolate munchkins from specifically the Dunkin Donuts a few blocks away are the best thing ever without including popcorn or bacon

  3. First thing imma do when the pandemic is over is to find free food in exchange for dancing. Where can i find these absolute angels

  4. Random question! Does anyone know the name of the first dance?? I really like it and kinda interested in learning how to do it

  5. Hey it’s my city! (Melbourne, Australia). Can confirm it’s filled with random pockets of fun like this. The espresso culture is also the best outside of Italy (Starbucks closed the vast majority of their stores here as coffee milkshakes are not that palatable to us)- established by the Italian immigrant population early in the century

    I could believe that this would be happening now if there were masks- no Covid cases in the community for weeks so life has completely gone back to normal, except everyone is into following the mask mandate.

    I love my city 🙂

  6. For some reason though the state gov of Melbourne (Victoria) (and this is filmed in Melbourne VIC) is measuring days of no community transmission (no COVID cases outside of state quarantine) as ‘donut days’, so donuts are now forever associated with COVID victory for Melbournians haha

    I actually forget why they’ve been called donut days, can anyone remind me?

    Our state premier pushed for community cooperation with the lockdown last year, so we could do our best as a community in order to stop all community transmission so we can all ‘get on the beers again’ (go out for beers with mates). The end of the lockdown and all community transmission was glorious, many beers were drunk by all

    Aussie culture is one of a kind

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