38 thoughts on “nice shirt bro

  1. Idk man especially these days if you can’t break free from black suit with black tie then I don’t think you’re really trying. Guys can wear colors now

  2. Not true, you have the high fashion guys and the guys wearing the “interesting” tux colors. So it’s just another avenue to flex, just as it’s always been

  3. ???????? Are we talking about a woman wearing a white bridal gown at someone else’s wedding, the tradition where bridesmaids match dresses for a uniform look, or is this a woman bad meme again. It looks like a woman bad meme

  4. Isn’t the whole point to have similar dresses? This makes no sense.
    If anything, it seems like the guys’ suits were more different.

  5. Before r/AreTheStraightsOk absolutely loses it, I’m pretty sure this is a jab at wedding traditions, and not one of the annoying “girl boring boy fun” memes.

    (I actually like that sub, please don’t put me on there)

  6. After my cousins wedding, in which I’m required to wear a dress, I plan to wear a suit to every wedding I attend.

    I will never have to deal with someone complaining I wore the same dress as her.

  7. I too love dressing up with digital clones of myself and attemping to murder someone who breaks the norm during a wedding.

  8. At our wedding, my groomsman’s girlfriend had the same exact dress as my wife’s cousin. Neither knew each other and they lived on opposite sides of the state. They were purchased and different retailers aswell.

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