38 thoughts on “I want a mood ring

  1. Steven was the first person to invent guacamole. Tired of receiving the same toy ball, he smashed the avocado angrily and ate the remains.

  2. And the amount of leverage it takes to pry the ball out with a knife is the same amount it takes to slice your hand to fuckereens.

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  4. I recently read in the news about a limited special edition that included cocaine. Apparently it had some issues to be released from customs for some reason.

  5. What are you talking about. You can just widdle them into avocado sporks & sell them to hipster restaurants. It’s free money

  6. I was watching Oh Cook, and made this joke to my wife. Seconds later, it came up on the popular feed. I didn’t know Reddit was listening to me too.

  7. Novelty erasers always sucked so hard.

    I never understood why it was so hard to do exactly what the boring rectangle ones did, just in a different shape.


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