28 thoughts on “Four color silk screen printing

  1. I know that this is how pretty much every printer works but it blows my mind that humans came up with how to do this shit.

  2. The black one at the end seems almost unnecessary. I jumped back and forth to before and after they do it, and it hardly changes.

  3. Also know that all these inks are somewhat translucent and permit light to shine through them. And the order of ink is important too. You wouldn’t get the same results putting yellow last.

  4. Having worked in a screen printing shop, what is most impressive here, is his ability to line up all four screens by free hand. The shop I worked in, along with most others, have automatic or manual machines that swivel and assure the screen lines up in the same spot as the last. Mad props to this guy. Been printing awhile it appears.

  5. If you don’t tape the edges of the metal where it meets the mesh, you’re gonna have a crazy hard time cleaning. Also, how tf are the screens aligned? I don’t see any mechanism in place.

  6. 4 colour half tone and looks like trichromatic ink
    Haven’t done this for about 15 years so could be wrong on the ink

  7. I’m pretty sure that the picture is of Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat, she is pretty and this is video is very cool.

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