26 thoughts on “Even compared to games from 2002, Cyberpunk underdelivers

  1. The more I play, the more half assed features I find. I want to call it good, but it’s just cobbled together for a profit.

  2. I should quit this subreddit for the next year until they (maybe) fix all these glaring issues and obvious short cuts…

    It’s not just the bugs, its the obvious lack of polish on the game.

    Just so disheartening…

  3. Don’t forget aerial flight, even GTA 3 had the Dodo (and functioning police helicopters) 20 years ago. Yeah I understand CP *isn’t* GTA, but it’s the future ffs. We’re surrounded by flying vehicles, but V can’t use or buy one? Or just get on one for an aerial city tour?

  4. It made me go back and play red dead redemption 2 and complete it.. I never appreciated that game for what it was until after cyberpunk

  5. I’ve enjoyed the game for what it is, but it’s so far off their promises that CDPR will absolutely never get another preorder from me ever again. I’ll finish this playthru (68 hrs so far) and then shelve the game until 2022 and maybe replay it. But after that, nope CDPR is the exact same as Activision, EA and the like. Never forgive never forget

  6. Apparently they were building the engine whilst making it instead of making it first before trying to do everything else. Really just made the whole thing go much slower.

  7. Everytime I play I feel bad for how much potential this game had.

    What we have now in the launch version it’s just a building site for what could have become one of the best games around.

    And I don’t think we will ever see the true potential in the next future, cause it would be another game.

  8. This video hurts because it’s true. I really wanted this game to be something but it is not. The line where it says “and this is just one quest” felt so like damn its what it could have been

  9. And you get to customize your appearance anytime in those old games.Also get to customize your vehicles mid game too. Buying property. Fun side activities (ie the Yakuza games).The police/wanted system is much better too….things that are generally expected in most open world games.Still can’t believe the secondary content that was left out of Cyberpunk 2077,most of which was included in older games.Saints Row 2 has deeper customization options…..and there was less glitches in the old games too.

  10. With the amount of marketing they did, we expected it to have features that nearly every other major title has. Vehicle damage and chase AI didn’t just slip their mind when they set out to clone the vehicular aspect of GTA.

    Every game assimilates and builds upon the expectations within the genre of the game they’ve created. Developers try out new things and learn from what works well. We expect those new things with each new game in the genre that includes them.

    Something went very wrong with the production of this game and despite what they’ve claimed, I don’t think the real story has come to light. The game is a direct failure of the responsibilities of project management. They owe a real explanation not just to customers and fans, but to shareholders as well because CDPR is a publicly traded company. The public’s reaction to this game will be remembered and reflected in their stock price when future games launch if no changes are made to their development practices.

  11. To me Cyberpunk 2077 feels like upper-management forgot they had to actually make this into a working product and as time came closer and closer they all had a full on panic without a unifying voice taking charge and telling people their tasks.

    Instead we got a released game with the mentality of “We made Witcher 3, it will be fine — Gamers love us”

    It’s like “BioWare magic” all over again, investors/higher up management so high on their own fumes they can’t see daylight anymore, so heart breaking.
    This game was mismanaged from start to end by the higher ups I do not blame the development team’s in anyway shape or form they did wonder’s with what they were given.

  12. “Cyberpunk aims to be as polished as red dead”

    It never was, it never even looked like it would be, and it never will be.

  13. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I think their engine is not cutout for a game like what Cyberpunk is supposed to be. A lot of GTA comparisons, someone correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that engine built specifically for GTA, in-house?

    CDPR screwed the pooch for sure I just don’t think they were equipped for this.

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