Trump’s Taxes Revealed: He’s Broke!

Cenk Uygur checks in live to discuss the bombshell report from the New York Times about Trump’s taxes. Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive:

Hosts: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


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20 thoughts on “Trump’s Taxes Revealed: He’s Broke!

  1. And there you have it .The liar and cheat, is really just a corrupt creep. He is the real" Swamp King". He would have made a better Used Car Salesman. And we took all his lemons. That is why this Confederate loser won't tell the truth about anything. Welcome to "Trumpville"the newest Sh!thole country.

  2. Sad part is even if he declares bankruptcy one last time he's never gonna' end up cleaning toilets (which is a suitable job for his talents). He is a celebrity and people are entertained by his sheer stupidity and buffoon antics therefore he's gonna' make much more money from a Dump family reality tv show than he ever did with The Apprentice. That is the endgame, he knows that, beside himself, he can't sell anything without incurring huge losses even if his life literally depends on it. This is the curse of the poor dumb little rich boy !

  3. Stop saying you feel less mad at Trump paying $750 in taxes because he is broke. He's had ample opportunities throughout his life to learn from his mistakes over and over and over……..again. He has made and lost more money than at 90% of the world has made in their lifetime. He should just retire, spend time with his wife Melania raising his youngest son and watch his grandkids grow up. Learn some morals and use them as the USA recovers from his latest debacle.

  4. Dear TYT Staff Members,
    Thanks for exposing Trump since he was elected.
    I could not stop smiling while I watched this video. My smile was so big that it hurt my jaw. I will never frown again

    I would donate 100 KAJILLIAN dollars to your show if I could. My family and friends have been on a crusade to convince people of Trump's Failure as a Business Con Man, His Greed and Corruption. We have preached to Democrats,/Republicans, Educationed/Uneducated/, Whites/Minorities and to the Rich and poor alike. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Your article has exposed his Psycopathic Tendencies and similarities to the devil. Him and his family are Demonic Monsters.

  5. I said that before he is a con, freeloader , corrupt, fake millionaire. Dumb Trump administration is so corrupt, they are covering everything up. Can you believe this con man paying 0/750? I has paid 10k back to the government and I am not a millionaire, we all should report to the IRS how much we spend in our daily life. Lake hair/nail salon, massages, makeup, etc, just like Dumb Trump do, this is ridiculous. They should investigate the whole Trump corrupt family.

  6. So… Dump is bribed by: Russia; Turkey; The Philippines; Kazakhstan; Azerbaidjan and many others. You can safely add China to the list as he did reversed himself on the decision to ban ZTE 5G tech saying "they're good people who don't deserve to lose their jobs" just 2 weeks after saying "they spy for the Chinese Millitary". He's doing the same with Huawei (TikTok is much more personal). I'm sure he'll back-down after they agree to a "licensing" deal with him. It's called corporate bullying (essentialy blackmail and racketeering) and the victims are usually real-estate developers being frivolously sued by NGO's for supposed problems with their building permits blocking their sales or lease contracts until they agree to a settlement.

  7. The fact that some of his crimes are legal is an indictment of the current system. Those legal exemptions are not available to us. Writing a fair tax code would provide enough money to solve our problems.

  8. Hope this video will convince the undecided Republicans and Democrats. He is an evil and dangerous man who is Hell Bent on destroying our rights and country all for personal gain.

    Love you all for your great and informative show. Kudos to all of you. Taking my hat of to you.

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