Report: China enforcing mass sterilisation among Muslim Uighurs

China has been accused of enforcing mass sterilisations of Uighur women. Researcher Adrien Zenz says data shows a drastic jump in the number of sterilisations in Xinjiang province, home to the country’s predominantly Muslim Uighurs. Rights group say the country’s Muslims are victims of forced labour, mass surveillance, and political indoctrination. China’s foreign ministry has described the claims as ‘baseless’.

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26 thoughts on “Report: China enforcing mass sterilisation among Muslim Uighurs

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  2. "Nepolian blessings India "
    I'm from India
    Thanks to France for sending troops to India
    "Nepolian blessing India "
    A real friend give love when a friend in need is a friend indeed
    Love you France

  3. China released its Wuhan biological warfare killing over half million of global population and now mass sterilisation… China is a very, very evil Monster – violating "Divine" creation by stopping females from have babies.

  4. So only one woman speaking out and the world take the pill without thinking whether she is the one making fake stories for the Western media. Where are the other women then? It looks fishy

  5. China's permanent seat in un security council is biggest disaster ,I have no idea why democratic countries gave permanent seat for a communist nation , ?

  6. Yes. I think China didn't dispute that part. They were disputing that it was only aimed at Uighurs. Hahahaha..
    China has always prioritize minorities by allowing up to 3 depending on circumstances. I think they discriminated against the Han Chinese cause they were only allowed to have 1 initially but changed to 2 at current. Han Chinese even feel that China is being racist against Han Chinese for allowing other minorities to have more. Ultimately even with the 2 allowed the Han Chinese couldn't even reach that. 🤭 Reason for such practice is more of an Economic issue and nothing to do with RACE. In order for people to be lifted out of poverty sooner, each couple have 1 baby will ultimately focus more resources to build up this baby instead of having to split the limited financial resources. Also at the end of life of both parents, Chinese, known for being thrifty people, would have saved up money to be left to that 1 kid. VOILA!!! You see!! The one kid now will have better chance to move up the economic ladder as compared to those who may have 2 or 3 kids.. 🤭👍😆 told you Chinese uses abacus to count everything and nothing will be left unaccounted.

  7. And why on Earth are they making that poor Uighur Women the pawn of POMPEO? That nasty guy already got some issue in gaining trust from the EU and UK Boris is taking 1 step forward, 2 steps back. No body noticed? 🤭Anything to show that he is trying to maintain some relationship with Bad Daddy Trump cause everyone knows that without getting Corvid-19 infection down and whatever intervention done at current in the US is incoherent, Planes will only fly East and South. Unless some idiots should think that they are in the business of importing some back, it's a NO-GO-ZONE 🙄. The FED has already keep dropping so much hint that the country should be shut down yet somehow those hints are not getting received correctly. Maybe that's because the POLITICIANS in US all comes with standard qualification, LAW!! Lawyers knows how to bend the Truth but can't get hints that Economics Guy gives out. So now WALL STREET GUY in Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, with his many years experience in Investment Banking, seems to be COOKING THE BOOKS 😂 How obvious is that? Nada? No one knows? Sighh…

  8. India supports freedom, democracy and objects to dictatorship, expansionists and communist regimes. Equally India does not accept European selfish, extortionist and Racist attitudes as well. India also objects promoting religious fanatism

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