In DR Congo, legacy of Belgium's colonial violence lives on

As DR Congo marks 60 years since independence from Belgian rule, only scant archival knowledge exists about the crimes committed during the colonial era, including the system of forced labour implemented by the Belgians. On Tuesday, Belgium’s King Philippe broke with tradition by acknowledging his ‘deepest regret’ over the country’s role in DR Congo’s recent history.

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10 thoughts on “In DR Congo, legacy of Belgium's colonial violence lives on

  1. Im very shocked they don’t even teach that significant part of their countries history in schools. I understand they are lacking because of the details unfortunately being destroyed but they could still teach an outline about it …. wow that’s sad. It’s like for them the opposite where the education on it they get comes from seeing the statues unlike from school.

  2. De devil of satan destroy story nobody never really spoket about dat but just laying fak dat make e stories to make satan strange to killing and robbing stealing

  3. Leopold was a monster, but you won't find many BLM fans criticizing atrocities committed by blacks against blacks. I didn't notice many street demonstrations by blacks in the wake of the Rwanda Genocide.

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