CDC’s Weak Excuses for Bad Rate Data, 3118

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36 thoughts on “CDC’s Weak Excuses for Bad Rate Data, 3118

  1. Plenty of time has gone by to do studies on cures. FDA is only worried about the high cost, if it is cheap or already in use and approved must be no good. This is bullshit if cops are bad FDA is hell of a lot worse and CDC not very current on information that is why no truthful recomendations.

  2. We are in a manipulated crisis and I have trouble trusting anything i'm hearing from the CDC, the Democrats, and the media. I knew they would do anything to stop Trump but I never imagined that they would completely destroy the USA over it.

  3. Brother Bill see Dr Shiva on Youtube about the virus he is a 4 time P H D at M I T and a biological engineer he says mask s hand washing and social distancing are not healthy and are bad to do

  4. The c.d.c ass hats have made me not wanna go in to get another doctors permission to refill all of my prescriptions so when my pills are gone I may be too. I’m a survivor of a heart surgery six years ago got valve job with a defibrillator ta boot so if I kick the bucket without letting another 🤬doctor see me then they will probably blame it on covid but I’m done with these traitorous democrat quacks Damn them to hell just let me die and the only way I’ll see another doctor Again is if he is not a goddamn democrat !!!

  5. What a load of BS. They think we're all stupid. I just don't understand why Trump can't dissolve these agencies or at least fire the psychos running it.

  6. This is how the government runs everything they are in charge of. If private companies were ran like this, they would be bank rupt within a year. Remind me again why the left wants the government in charge of everything?

  7. There are small hospitals all over this country. They don't all have "feeds" right into the CDC, Bill. Some have part time people that do this work. Hospital floor paperwork may not go into the coding department on a daily basis. Some deaths are occuring in nursing homes. They certainly don't have the personnel and equipment to deliver reports in CDC format on a daily basis. Hospital forms are not uniform, procedures are not uniform throughout the US. There are going to be lags in data collection and processing. That's all there is to it, it is not some terrible inadequacy from the CDC to have a lag in reporting. There may be problems in data reporting but this data you presented definitely does not merit the conclusion you report.

  8. There has never been a scam of this scale before. The amount of surveillance infastructure set up is unparalleled. There's nothing brave about this stunning new world.

  9. Make all mail in votes from the same material that is used for printing U.S. currency on. "It" the paper stock, from Crane and Crane printing can NOT be duplicated. Can NOT! 200 million sequentially numbered and pre-addressed to registered "voters". This is a failsafe method.

  10. The con game is in full swing brother Bill, and is nearing completion.
    This fall we will see chaos (utter chaos) especially in November.
    If you're reading this and haven't given your life to Jesus Christ.
    Do so now. Do it today.

  11. Spot-on, Bill, the Fauci led CDC has been a Deep State agency in the continued Silent Coup throughout the pandemic ! All their double talk and spin is designed to confuse and frustrate the public into thinking the economy should be shut down again immediately, not to reopen until after the election ! As usual with anything coming out of the government, all CDC information is suspect and needs to be considered with a critical and cautious attitude !

  12. It looks like we had more cases than we were aware of back in March – April. We can test more now and we are getting more cases. This virus has strange effects and I think it was manipulated by the CCP. The timing of this was strangely coincidental with all the other things they use to try not to get Trump reelected.

  13. Joe Biden asked Fauci (sp) to serve one more President meaning him. I do not understand why Biden continues to act like he has already won the election, last month he spoke about who he is choosing for his transition team into the White House; it's like they know something the rest of us don't? Anyway I pray for President Trump's safety everyday because I do not trust the Democrats one bit.

  14. You can't trust the CDC or the FDA – both need a MAJOR housecleaning AND restructuring and we NEED to NOT fund WHO. The CDC, FDA and WHO are domestic enemies of We the People and they will not support the cheap conclusive evidence of the DECADES old SAFE Hydroxychloroquine + zinc or other antibiotics as they TOO CHEAP and have a GREAT success rate and we are supposed to wait for a VACCINE by FAUCI and GATES? Wake up People and GOVERNORS – ONLY the DEATH Numbers counts – DUH?

  15. A patient hits the data-base as soon as the hospital admits them, especially in the mega-cities. As a patient's status changes, that information hits the data-base too, especially if the patient dies. The hospital puts out a call to family, the undertaker, usually their own legal team, plus the front desk has to be advised and updated with regards to the new vacancy. Even hospitals in middle-o-nowhere fly-over-country have computers, servers, wi-fi and network administrators. The dirty rat-o-crat cdc is full-of-BS.

  16. Trust or believe nobody. Especially the CDC. Their no better than the WHO. For that matter, we could just call China and let them give us some more BS.

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