30 thoughts on “This baboon is helping his dog friend to get rid of worms [OC]

  1. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s cause I’m super high but one, I’ve never seen a video of one of those baboons that close before and primates kind of creep me out in general cause holy shit they are so human like. Two, that dog is so fucking cute and the two of them together is *chef’s kiss*

  2. It’s amazing how very human-like it’s hands are; it really shows how closely related primates are.

  3. We gonna talk about the mamma grip the baboon got on the dog with its feet. Like “you will sit here will I check you for fleas, quit your whining”

  4. Monkeys in parts of the world take stray dogs as ‘pets’. It’s actually not cute at all. .Like someone else commented the monkeys use them as guard dogs which is true, but it’s made to sound like a cooperative relationship, it’s not. It’s more a play thing to them. After this you will likely see the monkey drag the dog away by it’s leg or kneck as the dog cries. Monkeys just love to torture other animals. You can find videos online of how the monkeys treat the dogs, many die being dropped from trees, accidentally or not. Also worms are inside the body not out.

    Btw i’m not some super animal activist I just think it’s fucked up when people think somethings cute when they don’t know the full picture. I can’t think of the word for it but it’s so sad.


  5. There is a family of wild baboons that started feeding the stray dogs in a town. The dogs essentially became the baboons pets and now live with them helping them to hunt scavenge as well as act as lookouts at night because the dogs will start barking if anything gets too close. I believe it was in Asia but don’t quote me on that.

  6. The systematic way Mr. Monkey goes about this is interesting. He’s not just randomly searching, he’s got a system and is working left to right, up and down. Monkeys be smart.

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