Mercedes-Benz "Drive & Seek" movie

Mercedes-Benz has finally released the much anticipated “Drive & Seek” short movie, promoting the all new C-Class Coupe.


27 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz "Drive & Seek" movie

  1. What's the point of this filmto replicate something and that is what through hell doesn't show anything special about the car tractive woman but I got it better than that for if it were any more average would be lovely morning then I guess it's what is the European taxicab come on

  2. At the start the scene was Singapore, but the car is left-hand drive and comes with EU plate. Those police cars are Malaysian ones and the highway is also in Malaysia, how the hell did he get pass the checkpoint from Singapore to Malaysia while being chased by police? lmao

  3. Just because they stopped two cars at the checkpoint, the Helicopter stops chasing the other identical car that got thru the checkpoint.
    That is a massive logic fail.
    Kind of took me out of the movie, cops arent that stupid.

  4. This shit sucks because they hired women that have little experience to do "stunt" driving while the guys had to go through a lot more to get the job. Maybe women should stop complaining about supposed bias against them in the film industry.

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