Trump's Fox News Town Hall DISASTER

Trump’s presidency is a clown show. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive:

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“President Donald Trump’s fitness to hold office was called into question after the broadcasting on Thursday evening of a town hall that had been pre-recorded with Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

Trump falsely claimed there would not be any COVID-19 cases were it not for testing to detect the pandemic. Trump also predicted Joe Biden would win the 2020 presidential race and bragged about being “the most perfect person.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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43 thoughts on “Trump's Fox News Town Hall DISASTER

  1. I can't believe he can't do better than this… geez! He's fikin clueless…he needs help somebody Need to help him.
    He's more worried about people liking him then anything?… everybody is like is he for real,. Wow, he couldn't even mention anything about the poor people who have lost thire lives due to Covid19. Wow,..I mean sirously people you deserve better than this from your Prisdent….vote him out and give him mercy..if you like Trump vote him out we're he can go home and sit down..the man is incapable of running this Country..

    I don't hate Trump I fell sorry for him…we made a mistake by making him Prisdent.we can correct it give him a break and vote him out….Lol if Trump don't leave we are all in trouble…

  2. Really really great experience is great and administrative people are great.
    Winning a second term would be fantastic for winners and that would be great too.
    We do the greatest testing for, what is it, the 19 different names of this virus… Corona 19
    Biden can't put 2 sentences together. He's gonna be president because some people don't like me.
    BTW – CO rona VI rus D ate 20 19

  3. it's called many names I can name many names " Corona 19 like what ?
    I love it in the interview that he gives him a simple question , and then Trump starts talkin having nothing to do with the question he was asked lmao

  4. Next time show the whole clip and don’t edit You all are idiots.
    Because of our testing more young people are testing positive without symptoms. And the numbers are inflated if the deaths. People are dying from other diseases. They contracted COVID-19 but the underlying may have been AIDS, asthma, cancer etc. just like if these same people contracted pneumonia and they have a compromised immune system.
    Biden does appear to have the early stages of dementia. This is from someone who has seen it first hand in other people and from watching numerous videos of him. So whoever he picks for his VP is who will be running the country. Hell to the no. He’s also been strongly told he HAS to choose an Africa America woman. This is how these politicians work. They want someone in office they can make deals with or bribe or coerce. Also who can be bought off from outside actors like the Clintons have been. That’s why people like Trump, he’s not politically correct(which has gotten ridiculous), he’s doesn’t pussyfoot around, he isn’t being bought off because he has his own money and it’s not old money, and he donates his salary each quarter to different charities.
    The Dems and the left have spent so much time and my tax dollars fighting against Trump instead of trying to work with him. I’d like to see Polosi and her cronies voted out of office. They’ve been there too long, including Biden, and have gotten rich or more rich being in office from deals they make and off the American people. Sneaking in raises for themselves in bill. We the people are suppose to vote and approve any pay raise for Congress. You think Trump is crooked, you better look at the whole board of players. The broken promises from the Dems for the past 60 years.


  6. I get Ana's frustration the secret is understanding the phenomena. I have said before all of Trumps issues stem from his Narcissism, and to a degree that of his followers. They listen to all of these high brow discussions that are meaningless to them, then someone like Trump comes along, spouts a load of gibberish (remember he is in charge) and it gives the Trumpsters an opportunity to give so called intellectuals the finger. The thinking is you Libtards are too dumb, to understand what he is talking about aaaayyhh know exactly what he means. This is how religions start, I wonder if in 2000 years people will be praying in the direction of Trump Tower.

  7. If a liar tell the truth he or she would not have to work so hard to tell the truth. Trump is a liar we must stand strong and united in November and vote trump the liar out of office.

  8. Many people don’t know that the word experience is in the dictionary. But I know many words…believe me. Nobody knows as many words as I do. I know all the important words.

  9. He said what his priorities are. Nothing but party. Whats he going to do when he doesnt need rallies any more? Nothing. What will he do next 4 years…Nothing!

  10. Y'all sound like y'all wondering what to do when the babies sit in the driver seat of the car kicking a tantrum instead of remove him you crank the car up and put in drive for him then say you can't control him and you don't know what to do cause he pushing the gas and he can't see where he's going and don't know how to drive I'm afraid he's going hurt someone and his self and us cause we're in hear wit'em and don't know what we should do cause this looks like it might turn out bad

  11. The only people who understand his incoherent mumble jumble is his White Power followers! "Go get my Shotty Bubba Billy Bob Orange leader says there's more work to be done."🙄

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