Scuffles break out in London and violence erupts in USA as George Floyd protests go worldwide

Twenty-three people have been arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest at the US Embassy in London as fury mounts over the death of George Floyd.

The Met Police confirmed the people were arrested during the protest on suspicion of a number of offences – including assaults on officers.

Meanwhile violence has erupted in several major cities in the USA as protesters and police clashed in the streets.

People have taken to the streets around the world to protest the death of George Floyd, with demonstrations in Germany, New Zealand and even Iran.

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41 thoughts on “Scuffles break out in London and violence erupts in USA as George Floyd protests go worldwide

  1. Mayor Khan should of came out and blasted these scumbags in London (I think) for undoing ALL the hard work by the NHS protecting us from COVID19, no doubt if this had been a march about GROOMING GANGS, it would of been all over the newspapers with 'traitors' written as the Title on the front.

  2. Those protesters should be ashamed of themselves…black lives matter it has nothing to do with UK or anyone in it, black people here have more rights than white people, black lives matter…what about everybody's lives your all risking not keeping social distance, here comes the coronavirus again, bunch of thugs the black man was a armed criminal, and was caught commiting a crime, that's the risk you take as a criminal, all these protesters should be charged and locked up not the policeman.

  3. There are always some people waiting to take advantage of the situation. In many of the cases they don't know why they are protesting. We have seen this in India many times.
    Why so much of violence? They have legal methods to protest. I am really worried for America. Save your country there are outer forces waiting for an opportunity to destroy your country.

  4. Judging by these comments, we really do have worse things to worry about than what happened in America. I know racism is a global issue but we’ve not a had a killing in that nature since 2011. All our problems have one thing in common though, we are all against the corrupt government and police. So what if we did a kind joint protest about all the major problems in england that shouldn’t be there? Anyone wanna help organising this? There’s a lot of ppl complaining in the comments 😅

  5. I see all the liberal snowflakes are out in London about an incident not even remotely connected with them. Pathetic.
    If the Russians invaded tomorrow the same people would be cowering in their beds.

  6. If anyone thinks the riots in USA are about the murder of George Floyd you are mistaken.initial protests may have been,this is now the far left and their pathological hatred of Trump driving this,in an attempt to stop him getting re elected.

  7. Y are we getting involved with Americans business? Wasn’t the uk riots 2011 about the black people and their rights? Did America get involved and helped us? No. So why do we as a country gave to burn down our streets for something that doesn’t involve us and Americans wouldn’t stand up for us too? So don’t compare America to the UK because their country is corrupted and we are not. Protesting about police in America in the UK is embarrassing.

  8. The lefties and Antifa can't wait to start the looting and rioting in London they are not peaceful they are criminals who use this as an excuse to cause troubke

  9. listen here, buddy, we want to show to the world that we had enough. over past 100 years we have been seen as the criminals and not been treated as a human being. do you know how it feels to be treated like thrash to be 2,5x times chance arrested than the white human beings? we are one and we should be treated equally. i feel offended about how your thinking @S U R V I V E, we are outraged about how police and society are treating black people like me.i wish..we could all just be equally valued. @Juan J. Guzman and @Urek Mazino same goes for you all who think we are protesting other countries to just go ''Wild'' as you put it. death of our fellow man was the last straw…

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