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Another night of unrest in the US with protests in some 75 cities, after the death of George Floyd, a black man in police custody. The national guard has been deployed in a number of states. Curfews were extended in major cities as police struggle to contain the situtation. And there’s been a memorial for George Floyd in Minneapolis, where he died a week ago after an officer knelt on his neck.
Earlier in Minneapolis, a truck drove through a crowd of protesters on a highway overpass. Miraculously it appears only one person was slightly injured.

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27 thoughts on “George Floyd mass protests in the US: Latest developments | DW News

    Pull all Law Enforcement Agencies from these areas. Let them "PoLiCe" themselves.
    Have BLM, ACLU, NAACP and AntiFa provide "PrOtEcTiOn" in these neighborhoods.
    While we're at it; cut any and all U.S. Government funding (welfare, infrastructure, education, hospitals), to these areas as well.

  2. This battle has nothing to do with race! It’s about fixing what is wrong with this nation! Power to the PEOPLE!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m a white man, and I can see the evil bias of the U.S. jurisdiction system!! Trump is bringing about the Tribulation… I pray you’re ready for what’s coming 😢🙏

  3. 1:23 a peacfull protest … (assaulting the truck) 😂😂😂 they are honestly funy !
    Trying to run us all through !! 😂😂😂 … he really shows who these protesters are.

    P J Hill : community leader !! they have no other leader than a super exagerator … in delirium tremendis …

    and what , the police tried to cut him in two with laser beams ? and thanks to the super jump, he catched an UFO and escaped ?

    People jumped on him … that is instinct !! he is hilarious !! we killed the guy .. but it s ok, it is instinct !!!
    send him back to instinct Africa !!
    he can go and try to kill some …. XXXX … with his instinct.

    He has no brain ! it s obvious … IQ max 75.

  4. Trump supports all corrupted Arab kings, the coup in Egypt, war in Yemen Syria Iraq libya, sanction on Iran Trump supports evil, now he reaps what he sow , game is over

  5. The United States are visibly, painfully broken by the unprecedented confluence of health, economic and social crises. Every single crisis was caused by its unable President Donald Trump and his followers.
    The Republicans stand for chaos and unrest, fear and anger, division and disruption.
    African Americans have no equal access to education, prosperity or crime protection. You can call it systemic racial injustice but it is apartheid.

  6. The irony when americans see the violent protestors in hong kong, they we all showing their support for those violent rioter against "evil" china. Now the same violent protest in america, americans are calling the protestors to be shot, run over, arrested for domestic violence. Why is that? Same vandalising, blocking traffic, attacking police. Yet it was weeks before police actually did any more serious and americans we calling police brutality. Yet now their own american police using lethal, dangerous and excessive force to quell the protestors and only after 2 days. Just goes to show, america likes to preach about bs democracy and human right when they themselves isnt even remotely close to what they preach to others

  7. I don't know…i am lookig at this from the outside but don't you think, maybe, this is time to change "something" in your country? after the covid and now that murder is the emergency to get back to "business as usual"?

    HAVE FAILED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. You know that you are not going to
    convict these BROWN SHIRTS. They are there to kill people of color.

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