47 thoughts on “President Obama making an official statement about the death of George Floyd

  1. I originally wanted to make a post on BPT subreddit about how we as a collective are reacting to George Floyd’s death, particularly from the experience of helping run a business. I wasn’t allowed to post because content from LinkedIn isn’t allowed, but I would like to get this message out, of how people see calling out injustice when you manage a social enterprise:

    For nearly two years now, I’ve volunteered to help my sister run her start-up of selling diverse greetings cards and gifts predominantly featuring marginalised groups (BAME, LGBT etc) who otherwise don’t often get to see their products tailored to and celebrating their culture.

    Since the very beginning, we’ve been told this isn’t ‘marketable’. The narrative of start-ups and other enterprises that cater to minorities or address social issues being ‘non investor friendly’ etc runs ripe in the business circles we’ve entered and worked around. This year, she was pulled aside and told whilst on campus that people could only ever care for her business because she’s black and acting as a token minority.

    Living in a time where we have platforms powerful enough to let people know what happens in and around the world and using a platform to promote your values and raise awareness for the plight people face is the essence of creating change. I saw a post earlier commenting the sadness of being afraid to call out injustices online and it underpinned yet another problem facing people who care to promote social change. From the perspective of entrepreneurship, if shying away money/platforms from people who don’t fundamentally understand nor accept your own values is a consequence of being a black business owner today, then the personal stance of Avila.Diana is so be it.

    The support I’ve seen alongside my sister for her artwork/talents is heart-warming from communities who get to see themselves represented in a product that’s meant to be accessed and enjoyed by everyone, especially for a journey we began less than two years ago. Please, if you’ve read this, don’t ever silence your own voice and speak/write/share etc your own experiences being you and ignore pressures to self-censor and sugar-coat your reality!

  2. This is so much better than “i’m gonna call my white friends and theyre gonna shoot you.” by…you know who.

  3. Remember when our president wasn’t a giant rambling, tweeting, violence inciting shitbag??? I miss Obama.

  4. I think I’m realIzing I miss Obama because he genuinely cared about this country. He takes time to articulate words to ease people’s pain and help guide America through its internal strife. Sure, he did shady politician stuff, all do, but at least it seemed like he wanted to use his office for the bettering of our country. Trumps words, regardless of how emotionally charged, incoherent, or incorrect they are, are most of all not based upon the will of someone who wants the best for the people that should look to him for support in trying times. Trump writes for himself and his supporters, Obama writes for everyone.

  5. Absolutely horrific how this situation has escalated — that it needed to come to this. According to Trump, white people protesting the lockdown by screaming in police officers’ faces with massive guns because they want haircuts are just “good people” who governors should “talk to, make a deal”. But black people protesting that they are being *systemically murdered* by the law enforcement are “thugs”, and “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. And guess which group got teargassed?

    My full sympathy as a European to every outraged American right now. Burn it all to the ground if that’s what it takes to see change. Fuck these racists.

    Edit: very grateful that someone decided this is worth gilding, thank you. However, if anyone else is feeling generous, I suggest ignoring this post and instead redirecting that kindness to https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/donate in the memory of George Floyd and those seeking justice for his murder. See their homepage for more info.

  6. A key point that always gets buried here, that he at least included in this statement:

    > The majority of men and women that do this tough job the right way

    The majority of cops aren’t corrupt. We have to stop making this a war on all cops, and make it a war on corruption.

    I always see this argument that all cops are bad:

    > If you have 100 cops and 1 of them is a bad cop, and the other 99 don’t turn them in, you have 100 bad cops.

    That’s incredibly naive, and pointing the blame in the wrong direction. Corruption, always, comes from the top down. Corruption doesn’t start at the bottom. Put yourself in their position. You see something that isn’t right happen on the job. You know you can report it, but nothing would be done except your career would be over. You probably wouldn’t voluntarily ruin your career knowing nothing would change after you’re gone. Only thing that changes is that there is now one less good cop on the force. Yet we blame that cop for not saying anything and call them a bad cop. That’s absurd.

    Corrupt police departments start with police chiefs and city/state politicians. Aim the blame in the right direction. Don’t be combative with every interaction with every police officer.

  7. I miss you Barry!

    I heard this in his voice in my head, now I want to weep. Remember when the president comforted his citizens, spoke with humility and eloquence, took other’s views into account?

  8. Don’t forget that this is the man who deployed the national guard to Ferguson after the murder of Michael Brown.

  9. Imagine criticizing the health care system of a country when you have the power to enact Medicare for All and don’t.

  10. It’s incredibly sad that not an ounce of empathy has come from our current president. He only cares and sympathizes with the stock market. Doesn’t give a fuck about people and making sure everyone is treated equal.

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  12. Like, I know he can’t be President again, but I really miss having that guy in a position to set policy.

  13. Damn I miss the good old days with boring politicians who could project a sense of calm and call for logic and rational change to come about instead of threatening to send in the military to shoot civilians.

  14. I used to smoke fucking crystal meth and I’m more coherent at my worst 3 days up than Trump. What does that say about this cumstain of a president? JFK DT

  15. Situations like this *really* make me think that the idea of equality (I don’t even mean “true equality”, just don’t allow shit like this to happen or be in any way acceptable – I honestly don’t think that’s a big ask) he’s speaking about is a LONG ways away…longer than it should be in 2020 America.

    Sitting here typing this, it almost feels more like a utopian dream rather than a realistic goal.

  16. God damn, you forget that this level of composure and thoughtfulness is what the norm should be.

  17. Saddest thing was that there were bots promoting their brand in the response. Like, how low can you sink?

  18. i think that obama should be the first president-turned-influencer, as it seems that the climate has changed so rapidly since 2008/12/16 into social media that he doesnt have to actually be this receded version of a U.S president that is historically accepted for those before him, the power that trump gains from having his twitter usage so pungent has become so normal towards the end of his first term that its clear Obama could still rally a mass of troops since his shortest statements gather large crowds out of interest through people who miss his presidency, its also hilariously late into this term to use any of this ‘clout’ to turn around any hope for a democratic win next election. but i could be really high

  19. This is what a real president acts like. Not like the clown sitting in office right now, this is the kind of person we need tuning our country.

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