Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz speaks following days of volatile protests in Minneapolis (LIVE) | USA TODAY

Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct building was set on fire amid continued protests over the death of George Floyd.
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Mayor Jacob Frey said he made the decision to surrender the building as the crowd of protesters grew and tensions escalated on the third night of demonstrations following the death of Floyd, a black man who died in police custody after a white officer pinned him to the ground under his knee.

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33 thoughts on “Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz speaks following days of volatile protests in Minneapolis (LIVE) | USA TODAY

  1. I understand that people are angry, but they shouldn’t just endanger businesses without even a thought to enriching themselves through leveraged buyouts and across-the-board terminations

  2. It’s disgusting to put workers at risk by looting. You do it by chipping away at their health benefits and eventually laying them off. There’s a right way and wrong way to do this.

  3. Look, we all have the right to protest, but that doesn’t mean you can just rush in and destroy any business without gathering a group of clandestine investors to purchase it at a severely reduced price and slowly bleed it to death

  4. 17 July 2014 Eric Garner was selling cigarettes in a corner in New York. While he was detained, he was strangled by the police.The last word was I can't breathe

    4 April 2014 Walter Scott stopped his car because the brake light was broken. While he was running away, he was shot dead by the police on the back.

    8 August 2014 Michael Brown was 18 years old without a gun. He was shot and killed by the police in Ferguson. Police officer Darren Wilson, who killed Brown, was not found guilty.

    19 April 2015 25-year-old Freddy Gray died because of the violence he had taken into custody for carrying a gun.

    5 July 2016 Alton Sterling was selling CDs in front of a shop in Baton Rouge. It was claimed to have a gun. He was killed while in custody.

    6 July 2016 Philando Castile was stopped in Minnesota. He was killed by the police while reaching for his license. The court did not find the police guilty.

    25 May 2020 George Floyd, whose neck was pressed while being detained, was strangled. George Floyd said to the police I can't breathe.

    Last year, 1019 people were killed by the police in the USA. Although black people make up a quarter of the population, the majority of the dead are black.


    I translated from Turkish to English, if there was a translation error, I apologize.

  5. Wow! Destroying, and Burning down you own City? Complete, and total ignoramuses. It's a Generation of total idiot's. As if it's not enough to have a Virus, completely break the country! Oh Ya! A riot, that's the answer..God help us all🙏

  6. a change is needed in all the police institutions, a mafia and corruption succeed where the police themselves ask for money from those who sell drugs on the streets. And those who do not comply, people are arrested or some end up dead, like the African American who was killed by the police. We must end all these criminals who have power and are great officials, we must end all this corruption within the United States. they have done a lot of damage.

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