Krystal and Saagar: Twitter's DANGEROUS decision to CENSOR Trump tweet

Krystal and Saagar discuss Twitter’s censorship on Trump’s tweets.

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45 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: Twitter's DANGEROUS decision to CENSOR Trump tweet

  1. 3:32 Its like the socialism narrative – whatever a democrat does, republicans are going to call them a socialist and scream bloody murder. So here we have trump declaring war on Twitter, maybe twitter decided "You know, he's already in the process of trying taking us down, he's already declared war, we might as well get our shots in while they are free, since he's gonna scream bloody murder at us regardless of what we do" Especially if they think they have corporate republicans on their side – Trump can't do squat about twitter without passing legislation.

  2. Of course, with Trump's recent Executive Order, Sec. 230 is turned on its head. Now, at least until a federal court inevitably declares the EO unconstitutional, even taking Trump's account down would constitute the actions of a 'publisher', thus making Twitter liable for every other tweet they choose not to take down.

    Also, F Twitter for arbitrarily enforcing their ToS; but, that's their right. My right is to choose not to exercise my freedom of speech on their platform.

  3. Trump using social media to continue to drive divisiveness SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE SENSORED! White privilege is ALWAYS looking for excuses to downplay the reactions to white supremacy! ABOUT DAMN TIME TRUMP GETS DOWNPLAYED HIMSELF!

  4. It's WAY too late for Twitter to start taking him seriously. He regularly violated their guidelines throughout the election and throughout his presidency. Twitter admitted as much, saying that he did banworthy things, but that they thought it was in the public's best interest to be able to see the President's tweets (an exception they do not make for leaders of non-American countries, btw).

    These shitheads made their bed, and only now- 4 years later- realize they would prefer not to lie in it.

    Conservatives: Twitter is a private organization & platform, they can operate however they want.

    Conservatives: ThE PrEsIDeNt MuSt CoNtRoL PrIvAtE uTiLiTiEs WhO cArEs AbOuT tHe CoNsTiTuTiOn!!

  6. Wow..Krystal said conservatives are inventing the censorship and bias. Another pinocchio award for Krystal who just be-clowned herself when facing obvious and clear proof. Maybe Krystal it has always been truth.

  7. Do you 1) Have more responsibility to protect free speech or 2) have more responsibility to call out hate and lies and injustice in real time. They are both expressions of Free Speech. You are duty bound as an american citizen to do to both. So yes, Twitter has an obligation to both protect free speech and to call out lies and hate that their users are exposed to. This is what a social contract looks like.

  8. Twitter would be irrelevant if MSM stopped reporting on Controversial Tweets. It is a very small community of posters compared to the full population of the US. The few people who actually post on Twitter, seem to be a bunch of over sensitive and easily outraged people. Trump fits right in with them, though most are a bunch of Left Wing Cancel Culture types. Should Twitter really have the power to get Kevin Hart dropped from the Oscars? I say, NO.

  9. The issue with people is… they demand standards of behavior from others that they themselves do not uphold or live by. This issue is across the board and spread in every direction. The other problem is, they don't even realize it. They don't hear the bias, criticism and hatred that come out of their own mouths. Why bother to ask for something that you are not willing to give?

  10. Saager’s upset at a platform enforcing its own rules (nothing to do w/ 1st amd) so instead authoritarians like him would rather see full autonomy given to people like his pal Ajit Pai and corrupt Barr to regulate “free” speech, just to guarantee the president’s feelies don’t get hurt

  11. If Twitter wants to do this then they should keep the energy with Pro-China tweets in regards of Hong Kong. This is fine if they apply it to all but if they only apply to Trump then it is clearly biased.

  12. Strawman Saagar at it again, the left didn't say "Looting leads to shooting". Crying over Trump finally being regulated concerning twitter TOS, saying "Looting leads to shooting" from a man with a rabid fanbase.

  13. The first amendment protects the people and private entities from censorship by the government. Which category do you guys at rising think president Donald Trump falls in…………….

  14. I'm still waiting for the people who incited the murder of 100s of 1000s of people in Iraq to be banned and punished.

    As a radical lefty who has no love for Trump, all this fake hyperventilating and lying and censoring, all it does is make me hate Trump less, and hate you more. For being hypocritical, hollow liars.

    All Trump said was that when looting starts, shooting starts. That's a pretty factual statement. Whether he means by security forces, or by people protecting themselves and their property. It's not incitement if anyone's being honest.

    In unrelated news, how bout them CIA-directed "democracy protesters" in Hong Kong? And authoritarian Iran. And DICTATOR MADURO. lmfao

  15. The application of the rules is not heavy handed towards conservatives if anything they don't get treated as harshly by platforms because they are afraid of conservatives freaking out over being regulated like everyone and think they deserve special treatment.

  16. And removing false information is not "infantile" when people actually inject bleach or consume cleaning products as trump advised lmao…people don't look deeper when presented with info

  17. That tweet was dumb, but Trump has a right to say it. I don't get the whole "private platform" argument. Is twitter a publisher or a a platform? They can't be both. For better or worse, Twitter and other social media have become places of public discourse, or public commons. If Trump and AOC are not allowed to ban people, doesn't that mean that Twitter indeed transcends what it was originally intended for? It's like Uber and Lyft – these jobs were never intended to become full-time jobs, but were created as side-hustles; as they evolved, the law evolved with them. Censorship never works, and there is no transparency or accountability, especially with YouTube. Censorship never works.

  18. The president suggested opening fire on US citizens. That's a big deal. It got reported and it violated Twitter's terms of service. What Twitter did was completely appropriate.

  19. Am I the only person who thinks all this twitter drama this week is totally bullshit? HOW is adding a link to further discussion on whether or not its true, or making people press a button acknowledging the tweet is sensitive material, CENSORSHIP?! How do Americans justify this incredible leap of "omg, they made people press one more button in order to view my tweet, IM BEING OPPRESSEDDD"?

    I agree with Saagar that heads of state should be able to tweet whatever they want. Newsflash – they can! Adding a separate link to it or putting it behind one more button press does not stop that tweet from existing, being discussed in context or being used against the leader to hold them accountable.

  20. You know 20 years ago it was a "conspiracy" theory that mainstream media was biased. The social media platforms do filter out conservative groups by shadow banning and very strict rules enforcement.

  21. Twitter is a PRIVATE Company. They have given a pass to Trumpet for Years…their Decision. Now they're Not comfortable letting Trump get away with verbal murder…ALSO Their Choice. Trump needs to have a nanosecond of self reflection and self correct…but he won't..

  22. After seeing the tweet and knowing how trump speaks different people get different meaning to his tweet now I think he ment when people start looting !! civilians are going to start defending there properties by any mean possible !! and it already happened with a pawn shop owner who shot and killed a looter now it's just a theory because I doubt he ment that cops where going to start shooting civilians for looting

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