Chris Hayes On Floyd Protests: This Is What Trump’s America Has Wrought | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes: “There is no plan from the President…Not the pandemic. Not the economic crisis. Not the societal inequities. Not predatory policing. Not the protests in Minnesota. Nothing except to make it all worse.” Aired on 05/28/2020.
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Chris Hayes On Floyd Protests: This Is What Trump’s America Has Wrought | All In | MSNBC


25 thoughts on “Chris Hayes On Floyd Protests: This Is What Trump’s America Has Wrought | All In | MSNBC

  1. The slippery slope that we are on is rooted in the unresolved racial divisions within our culture. A citizen died in our streets at the hands of law enforcement. The video tells the story. This man should not have died. Although people of all colors see the facts and know that Mr. Floyd was murdered. Some among us will not accept these facts because Mr. Floyd was black and the officer is white.

    The larger problem is the divisiveness that results from the murder of Mr. Floyd. This further divides the people. It divides the democracy. If we the people fight among ourselves, the ruling class and the extremists become empowered. We can not let this happen. The people must join together. If we infight, we will be the only ones who lose. If we fight among ourselves Trump and his supporters become empowered.

    Yes, Mr. Floyd needs justice. And, it is sad that we have to take to the streets before someone will listen. But, if the people fight among ourselves we will give our power away.

    Trump supporters remain rooted in the old tenets of manifest destiny. At their core they believe the are superior. This belief provides them with a sense of entitlement and superiority over others. This is why Trump can say and do anything and they will remain loyal. So in essence, this superiority and entitlement are god given, so they believe. They do not believe in true democracy because democracy is all inclusive. They do not believe that we all have unalienable rights. This is deeply ingrained in our culture. Trump's opinions are revered over informed scientific professional statements because they think Trump is superior. Trump the autocrat spews his demagoguery and we cringe. We think, no one in their right mind would believe this crap. And, here we go again with another round of lies and insults.

  2. I remeber when trump said: we will make America great again!

  3. Minneapolis is run by Democrats,Has nothing to do with Trump.It's a local problem.Quit crying cause you lost an election and about to lose another.

  4. Trump is the greatest President the world has ever seen. When America prospers so does the world. Liberals insult every country when they criticize how there leaders couldn't control a virus.

  5. How is a relatively mild cold and flu season of pandemic? How do you weave a piece of fabric so tightly it stops a micro particle? y'all are so full of baloney

  6. All who vote 4 him you get what you want all others hope you can take him away in few Months from WH in Germany a clown have no Chance to get this Seat and especially with no 1!!! Politician Seat before !!! Make your Brain on thx
    Very good Commentary dont give up vs this Clown hes the real Fake News man and Reason why Things 4 days will happen and happen again cause he quasi legally this Murders !!

  7. One thing that i like his how the protesters are taking it easy no violence just a peace loving protest
    and that how it should be cause can you imagine if they start to rob and burn everything that would be a lack of respect for Georges memory.

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