Jim Carrey’s bizarre Trump Meltdown & Trump Meltdowns on TikTok Compilation

The lockdown has been harder on some more than others… for example the people having meltdowns depicted in this videos. #Trump #Meltdown #Triggered



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50 thoughts on “Jim Carrey’s bizarre Trump Meltdown & Trump Meltdowns on TikTok Compilation

  1. Lol.
    I wonder if the more that you mock trump in Hollywood the more likely you are to get work and if you don't then they turn their nose up at you.

  2. The pussification of America this pandemic has caused people to become scared of their own shadow. Where's the fronteir spirit that this country was founded on? But mommy I might get sick. The Government has to take care of me. These morons should just go away.. they aren't worth wasting oxygen on. Bunch of Karens

  3. All things Carrey were burned in my home 4 years ago. He doesn't get in through my television either. Never Carrey is and always be my mantra. Ungrateful clingon. TRUDEAU "BLACK FACE" SOY BOY. Is Carreys "leader" not Trump. Carrey is Canadian, don't CARE WHAT HE "FEELS" HE CAN GFH.

  4. I stopped supporting Jim after he used his celebrity status to slander Kaitlin Bennett for expressing different beliefs than him and exercising her rights. He's going downhill fast these days.

  5. I don't see many in my town with TDS. The majority here think he's doing a great job. So Tyler my friend please keep coming up with these hilarious videos. They're great entertainment during this pandemic and god knows we all need the laughs.

  6. Zed, you are so kind and understanding to all those mental cases who are walking among us. I am gettin old and cranky, so I reckon a bit of hot lead (Pb) in their left ear might fix the problem.

  7. I used to watch the live action grinch every Christmas, but now I can’t watch any of his old movies. He, and many others, have ruined their reputations and their careers going forward.

  8. 1st. Yes, unemployment is at the peak of modern record keeping. BUT! That man conveniently ignored the 3 years that built up our lowest recorded numbers across all demographics.

  9. Imagine if all the trump haters left back in 2016 like they were supposed to and we all got bigger stimulus checks becuase we didnt have their fatasses holding us down

  10. Imagine what it is like waking up everyday and walking around all day thinking everything sucks and everything is a bummer and all the ambition in life is to try to make everyone else's life suck cause you refuse to get or have one of your own.
    Step away from the keyboard and get off the net and see what real life is all about!!

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