AZ SHOCK: Republican Losing by 13, Trump Losing by 7

–Shocking polling data from Arizona, where incumbent Republican Senator Martha McSally is down by 13 points to Democratic challenger Mark Kelly, as Biden leads Trump by 7
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WHOA: Dems Could Take Senate from Republicans

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Broadcast on May 20, 2020

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34 thoughts on “AZ SHOCK: Republican Losing by 13, Trump Losing by 7

  1. I live in AZ, it will be awesome to see it go blue. Alot of friends and family are Republican, which is okay, but it's the trumplicans that can take a hike

  2. The Democratic party is not handling Trump properly. They not dragging him and his cohorts across the coals, exposing his incompetence and his administration's total failures. The Democratic party is playing footsies, taking the same high road that cost Clinton the presidency. America only remembers sound bites, conspiracy theories and repetitive lies in the age of Trump. Let's get in the mud and pull our democracy out. Regardless of the polls, I believe Trump is winning by the mere fact that sensible conservatives haven't turned on him yet.

  3. I hope AZ goes blue, especially since I'm still thinking of moving back there. Next step would be ridding the state of their terrible governor in 2022. Maybe by then I can help in that process.

  4. Every time a pundit talks about these polls with trump losing, you are setting the stage for a trump win. Remember '16. We can't be lax. We might get people out to vote and polls make people lazy. They also fire up the followers of those that the polls predict being behind. This kind of reporting is dangerous.

  5. Arizona or Florida going against Dumpster Fire would probably be indicative of some sort of blue wave in November. When a Presidential candidate from one of the major parties loses states that should be a win for their party, that usually indicates things are going very badly for that party. Like if California, New York, or Massachusetts were to vote Republican in 2020, the election is probably a landslide victory for Dumpster Fire.

  6. but by the time you add in cheating you can multiply the republican vote by a factor of 10….or whatever is needed to win, they don't cheat as much in polls………..I know in school they teach you that cheaters never win…..ain't true, not in America….apart from actual cheating in each individual election, the whole American political system was set up to cheat from day one, for Democrats to get a close win they need to get an avalanche of votes…….and with voting being voluntary that ain't ever going to happen(or rarely) majority Vote should be enough….even by one vote……….but Republicans can lose by 1000's, even million's of votes and still win….How does that work?

  7. After the 2016 polls led to predictions of a 98 or 99% probability of Hilary Clinton winning, I'm very cautious about polls.
    You'll need a solid majority of the electoral population to register First and to get their asses out of bed and to the polling station in the big day. Until then, there should be no unpleasant surprise news about their main candidates or other things that might still swing it.
    And people must be really serious about wanting to get rid of Trump – elections have been lost already because polls led the leading party's supporters to believe their candidate would win by a fat margin so they could go play something rather than queuing to cast their votes…

  8. OK, before I start watching this….I just happen to live in Arizona. I voted for Sinema only to see McSally get appointed by that Trumpette Ducey.

    So many people in this state are pissed off that Ducey appointed someone we told him we didn't want that Mark Kelly is pretty much a shoe-in. I hope McSally enjoyed her two years in DC.

  9. Trump followers have no appreciation for reality. They like slogans they can lift a beer to. So here’s one.
    Dump dumb trump,,dump dumb trump,, dump dumb trump…

  10. These Arizona Republicans are really thick

    McSally Lost to Sinema, got appointed to McCain's old seat after he died DESPITE the voters making it clear they did not want her and are now shocked to see she is losing again in a landslide.

  11. Mark kelly is the sort of neoliberal Democrat who could easily win Arizona even if the dem nominee for president loses. This race goes from toss up to lean dem.

  12. Right now, the America we used to know and love is teetering on the brink of becoming a fascist state. If the deranged, orange man-child takes the election, we will lose our beloved democracy and all of the liberty that it entails. This isn't about party loyalty; it's about restoring what our Founding Fathers created. Vote. Speak out. Stand up for the real America.

  13. The anti Trump vote (pro Biden) is baked in I don't think there's anything he could do to turn it round, shooting himself in the foot by trying to get Churches open we'll see how many super spreader events turn up in 3 weeks

  14. I am telling you….. Apocalypse has started for Trump. Watch it accelerating in the coming months and him going down the drain in 2021.

    Thank me for my foresight when it all comes true.

  15. John McCain is the only man that is republican that I actually really liked a lot. I was going to vote for him but Obama was better on many more things. If I have voted John McCain as president he would have been the 1st president I would have voted that was republican. He's a true hero.

    RIP John McCain 😔

  16. Perhaps Trump might have been a little more sensitive to the plight, and needs of Native Americans, Foreign Visa workers, and right to work activists, and less sensitive to the plight of Sheriff Joe Arpaio would have helped. Although I'm sure starting a war with a dead State Hero like John Mccain probably didn't help the cause.

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