Should Americans expect more relief funding from Congress?

Former congressman and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz reacts to the COVID-19 news of the day and Sen. Bernie Sanders exiting the 2020 race.

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20 thoughts on “Should Americans expect more relief funding from Congress?

  1. I hope this is a big lesson for everybody on the importance of having an emergency fund. There's no excuse for the vast majority of for you not to have at least 90 days of bills put away. If not 6 months. I know folks that live on the poverty line and below it that are able to do this. So no excuses for most of us. You don't ever want to be in a position where you have to depend on the government (fellow tax payer) for help. Most of us live wildly outside of our means. This is hopefully going to cure us of are addiction of FEELING wealthy when we really aren't.

  2. I want to say Thank You to the Doctors and Nurses along with anyone out there that has to work trying to save lives. I also include all or any of the people keeping this country going. Love you all and God Bless ! I pray all this will end soon and we need to stay strong and once again thanks everyone.

  3. I'm living in Little Rock need to know how to get unemployment insurance. Not being able to get the money because of the system that has always been in place. We need for them to stop the set up that they have so we don't keep getting denied. It's not helping the problem. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. MOVE SOMETHINGS AROUND SO WE CAN PAY SOME BILLS.

  4. Yes. Help the people. After all the Democrats salary is about $400,000, so why not pay the working people insted of those dead heads a big salary—–
    Or let's help the farmers—-
    They are the USA's backbone.

  5. Just let us go back to work. By the time the government and states get this mess figured out, we will be back to work. No funds have come out yet because these ancient computer systems can't handle any emergencies. They should have just sent this money by checks only. Forget filling out anything by computer….what a disaster. This nation is not set up for this kind of emergency….their computer system is 45 years old….were in 2020 now.

  6. Trump fraud lawsuit ruled solid & now proceeds against Trump & his adult children : Case is Doe et al v Trump Corp et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 18-09936🍟🍔

  7. My business is shut down, I've lost thousands of dollars. No one is sending relief, Iv'e applied on SBA's website and No Reply, No emails, Nothing, not even a Denial. What a crock of lying ****'s

  8. GOP has adapted Bernie's policies and then some. Universal income (welfare) has already begun, modern monetary policy in full effect too. Republicans are the biggest Socialists now.

  9. More? I have not gotten a dime? You shut my business down. My savings are depleted, my business dead. I needed money before rent came due, Filed tax return, still no refund, no response, no $1200 bonus, Applied for UE, no response, applied for SBA loan; No response. Were is all this help? I had a thriving business and the most saving's I have had my entire life in January. Wiped out by the government in 2020.

  10. I have not received my first check…I have to decide; pay bills, eat or get meds? So why the next one when hard working American's didn't get anything out of the first one???????

  11. Absolutely nothing Congress got there 25 million pay raise $8900 a month. They don’t care about the citizens of the United States. They are all traders should be in prison and shot

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