Trump attacks WHO over coronavirus' global spread

President Trump turned his ire to the World Health Organization, threatening to pull U.S. funding after blaming the organization for the coronavirus’ global spread. While the organization labeled the virus a global health emergency in January, Mr. Trump claims he was not aware of memos written by one of his advisers in late January into February that warned of a full blown pandemic. Ben Tracy is at the White House where Mr. Trump’s task force is working to mitigate the worst of the pandemic’s effects.


46 thoughts on “Trump attacks WHO over coronavirus' global spread

  1. Another piece of crap piece of reporting that does not look at the history of misleading information from China and the WHO. Over time the reality will come out and the news media may be held morally culpable.

  2. as much as i dislike your potus, i have to agree with him on this, we all have to open our eyes and shine the light on china and make them pay for their lies. The world keeps their eyes closed until their family and friends start dying, this has to stop now before china has total world domination

  3. Corruption at the W.H.O? Who cares, thefts of our monies who cares, China centrism blah blah who cares. I’m with trump on this, even though he’s trump haha, shut down the EUGENICIST world health organization.

    -_-/ & world health organization are RACIST EUGENICIST POPULATION CONTROL DEPARTMENTS.

  4. Trump:
    Bad 👉you
    Good 👉Trump
    This guy just can not get a grasp of how to be a good president. The only reason why he is still there is because of loop holes and bureaucracy. I ca not believe that people still are voting for him. Choose a better candidate republicans. This clown is about to get into his clown car and give us all the finger. Especially to his voters.

  5. He doesn't care, learns or reeds anything! His brain is a mass! No education, no intelligence, no decency, no empathy,no credibility!His family is in the same class!😤🤥they are all 🎺and 🤥! God help and bless America ! Save American people from this catastrophic family!

  6. When will jacka$$ trump finally make this sad reality less about his money and more about the people he took and oath [bad joke] to serve – which is another bad joke. Sociopaths on;y serve themselves.

  7. WHO declared covid19 a public health emergency at the end of January. Then declared a pandemic early March. While Trump remained in dreamland. Wake up!! We are approaching 500k cases by this weekend you goofhead!!

  8. Jan 2020–China and their WHO mouth piece told the world person to person transmission was not possible so the world let millions from china travel. that lie killed hundreds of thousands of people.

  9. Donald Trump is a good president who cares about the well-being of the country. He does not seek the scaremongering and shock that comes with fear as other countries do. But look at what's happening in Peru, they have 24-hour quarantines on Sundays. And now they don't know what's coming next. People are dying of hunger and nobody cares.



  11. The World Health Organization allowed the travel ban to be stopped on January 30 when they knew it was bad. Now they're refusing to say who voted to stop telling countries that the coronavirus was out of control. They also continued to praise China. They're bought and paid for by China.

  12. Trump has blamed Democrats, the governors, Obama, States, China & now the WHO, 4 his lethal mediocre respond; deadly slow testing process; no test kits, not enough ventilators, PPE, or masks; & a terrible disinformation campaign. Reality: Wuhan's going back 2 normality & the US is the most infected country on EARTH! ''The buck NEVER stops here because I don't take any responsibility at all…I'm just a cheerleader!'' DJT.

  13. In the real world:
    January 22, WHO told us it wasn't contagious.
    January 27, Trump shuts down travel and forms taskforce
    January 31, Joe Biden calls Trump a fear mongerer
    March 11, WHO declares world health emergency

  14. This president brings money into everything moaning about USA's contributions to 1 organisation or another. You need to be more than a savvy businessman to be a world leader

  15. UN,NATO, WHO…..are busy bodies that does not deserve a dime. Every Everyday country must put the interest of their citizens first how China became the world's Factory is a thing that both Rich and poor nations must change to increase world stability.

  16. Why do the media always try to make Trump look bad. What do they not understand that We the People love Trump and all he has done and we do not care if media liars and Democrats all dropped dead.

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