GOP sen blasts WHO leadership: It's politicized by Chinese money

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Small Business Committee chairman, reacts to President Trump’s threat to withhold funds from the World Health Organization.

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25 thoughts on “GOP sen blasts WHO leadership: It's politicized by Chinese money

  1. The Chinese rapidly coopted the UN, and the WHO and pretty much got them singing carols of their making. Graft, fraud and theft are rampant in both organizations. The US should defund both organisms. The Chines just got elected to the human rights commission, a total revolting case of having torturers and murderers holding the reigns of the so called human rights organization.

  2. China has attacked America with the pre-meditated biological weapon call the China virus. China developed and Weaponized this virus in Wuhan and unleashed it on the world. China must pay reparations to America for the loss of life and the damage to America’s economy. Boycott China back to the Stone Age. China must pay reparations.

  3. Fake news trying to cover up our success with covid-19. We are the world's leader and this virus is no different. We will have the most cases and it's looking like we'll have deaths like nobody has seen before. We have a bigly lead in total cases by hundreds of thousands, and should have the most deaths from covid-19 within a week. These numbers are bigly, and some globalist libs want to see us fall from our global dominance in this race. Never get tired of winning! MAGA 2020!

  4. American please call Congress at 202-224-3121 and demand that Congress suspend all immigration visas, student visas, and refugee visas for at least one year. Call Congress and demand that all Chinese students be deported immediately and all Chinese Confucius schools on American colleges and universities be closed permanently. Deport all Chinese administrators and anyone connected to the Chinese Communist Party CCP China is a belligerent and has attacked America. China has declared war on America but as a coward Has not made his declaration public. China allowed more than 5 million residents infected at Lujan to travel to America and 140 other countries bringing the China virus to the world. Boycott anything made in China today.

  5. This would sound crazy to me, only we recently saw in a press briefing just how close The CCP can get to things. A “journalist” from Phoenix TV made a statement instead of asking a question, and Trump even called her out on it. Research shows Phoenix TV is majority owned by the CCP.

  6. How is it politicized by china when it offered help and warnings to the trump administration in january and throughout that were turned down and refused? Stop looking for scapegoats rubio. You are in the pickle you are in because you just had to allow spring break and not act until it was too late.

  7. China should pay other countries for damages or if they don't pay, we seize their property they have lots of property in different countries we just take that as payment. Then deport the Chinese back to Red China where they came from for spreading this virus all over the world.

  8. Cut the money to WHO immediately. As well as for the United Nations. Big time corruptions with our money. Those idiots wants to benefit the socialists as they do with China. Only President Trump can put those assholes where they belong. Go Trump 2020🎉🎉🎉

  9. “If you don’t want many more body bags you refrain from politicizing it – please quarantine politicizing COVID,” said the Bastard that won’t let Taiwan into the @WHO

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