France's coronavirus death toll passes 10,000 after steep rise at nursing homes

France officially registered more than 10,000 deaths from coronavirus infections on Tuesday, becoming the fourth country to go beyond that threshold after Italy, Spain and the United States. 

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17 thoughts on “France's coronavirus death toll passes 10,000 after steep rise at nursing homes

  1. Bill Gates and his cronies must be rubbing their hands together with glee. Their creation is unfolding nicely, and all the law changes too

  2. 🚨The United States, the EU and the World have been heavily trapped by China in Covid-19:’China publishes unreliable infection data, Warning does not spread from person to person, does not close the border for Chinese people to come to the United States'. and the EU, when evading, selling poor quality medical equipment and possibly carrying pathogens, many Chinese are happy to see an outbreak in the United States, Japan and the EU. ' It is time for America and the EU to regret China 'support' from 1972 until now.🇺🇸🇪🇺🇯🇵🇦🇺

  3. Did the UK gov know about Corona Virus 19 as early as 2015? At that time health workers in Prisons and places of detention had to include this in about 30 notifiable diseases,what is your explanation ?
    US Gov Gives 1M Masks To Israel During Shortage, Corona virus Censorship & Trump ‘Holds’ WHO Funding
    The Last American Vagabond On you Tube from41.07

  4. France should never have hidden and changed the statistics. It just shows that France has a strong communist influence since.they hid deaths like China rather than report honestly like Italy. Thank you Italy. Shame on you France and China.

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