Coronavirus: US records highest death toll in single day – BBC News

The US recorded the most coronavirus deaths in a single day with more than 1,800 fatalities reported on Tuesday.

It brings the total number of deaths in the country to nearly 13,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The US has more than 398,000 confirmed cases, the highest number in the world. Global cases have exceeded 1.4 million.

However during a press conference President Donald Trump said the US might be getting to the top of the “curve”.

Meanwhile the city of Wuhan in China, where the infection first emerged, ended its 11-week lockdown.

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32 thoughts on “Coronavirus: US records highest death toll in single day – BBC News

  1. 16:15 Did he honestly just state that it doesn't matter how many died in China, as long as the number follows a certain 'trend'….? Yes it absolutely matters, the CHINESE LIED TO US.

  2. Why has every state in the US not shut down? Because were idiots! We can't even give the most vulnerable people in our country healthcare. I make $15 an hour and pay $60 a week for insurance, plus union dues and taxes. My deductible is $5000, and 30% co-pay. Our healthcare is broken. Now a pandemic that no one is taking serious! It's all about the money in the good ole USA. We have a blood sucking attorney/ pharmaceutical lobbyist named Alex Azar running our health and human services dept. A hospital bill for Coronavirus is average of $75,000. With my insurance that would cost me $27,500. I might as well not even have insurance. All of these politicians are just using this whole thing as a distraction, while they plunder our country. I'm beginning to think Trump wants the elderly and disabled to die, so him and Mitch McConnell can pilfer Social Security.

  3. Something tells me that 1,800 fatalities reported in the USA on Tuesday is an undercount, as deaths at home and deaths en route and due to lack of testing to verify if death is caused by complications from the coronavirus.

  4. Wow. It's one thing to hear U.S. politicians, like Trump and Republican Governors, lying about their mismanagement of the pandemic, but quite another to hear this doctor misleading people. Louisiana knew full well, as the rest if us did, that COVID 19 was in the U.S. and spreading quickly. Despite this, Mardi Gras went ahead, knowing that it would put people at risk and that many would die for the sake of a drunken party. And now, as a surprise to no one, Lousiniana is one of the hardest hit states in the U.S.

  5. to all of you conservative religious freaks,dont you think its weird that the pandemic started around the ballpark where many countries elected conservative moron as their representative? brazil,UK,US,phillippines to name the few.

    all of a sudden,there is this so called god's judgement fall to us human.

    why did 'GOD' punish us if we elected their so called moralistic conservative moro….i meant,religious people as the leader?

    suck my D,you religious nutjob.

  6. In #India…🇮🇳 Government Taking Bills Of Quarantine Days … No Free electric Bills.. No Free Tax , .. & Worst… Indian Government Not Give Free Test Of Corona Virus… They Take Money For It… 4,500 Indian Rupees .. 😪😪😪… Poor person Can't Afford test… No Food For Labour.. poor person … We are In Worst Condition 😭🙏… & INDIAN MEDIA & GOVERNMENT blaming #Muslims for Spreading Corona Virus…. They target Only Muslim In all Situations 😭

  7. Yeah, the deaths are bad and all, but we’re forgetting the worst part of this. The real tragedy is that there are many transgender persons who aren’t receiving their hormone treatments or are unable to get their reassignment surgery because of this virus. If something isn’t done soon it may have irreversible consequences for their transitions! Trans people are the real victims here!
    #TransRights #RealTragedy #Priorities

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    One of the symptoms of coronavirus is high fever. The doctor also claimed that the medicine could treat the infections caused by the corona virus within 24 hours to 40 hours.

    Pls why ego on your mind,,, pls allow this doctor as atleast ward boy to help peoples,,, please…

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  10. "Just remember that each number is a person, a loss of a family member" next minute "doesn't matter if China numbers are 10k people higher, it's only important about the trend!" 🤦‍♂️

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