Bernie Sanders ends White House bid, leaving Joe Biden as likely nominee

Senator Bernie Sanders ended his presidential bid on Wednesday, hiscampaign said in a statement, paving the way for former vice president Joe Biden to challenge President Donald Trump as the Democratic nominee.

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12 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders ends White House bid, leaving Joe Biden as likely nominee

  1. Biden is brilliant. Acting like a delusional corrupt septuagenarian pedophile candidate for president of the USA was genius, but then he added Alzheimers into his comedy routine, brilliant.

  2. We the people were not voting for you and we will not vote for Biden, your America second policy will not work your open borders and free medical and lies about free college for everyone is very bad and misleading. The lies with impeachment the abuse of power by Nancy, Shit and Nadlier the lies by chuck and the ridiculous four is unacceptable, what you Democrat’s did with the Supreme Court was the last straw, we the people elect the president and we expect you to support

  3. Bernie is pathetic, I don't understand how anyone would take him seriously. I am not trying to offend anyone here but seriously the guy has no experience in handling even a small business ☹️

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