Trump Says He Hopes India Will Allow Malaria-Drug Exports to U.S.

Apr.07 — President Donald Trump said he was unaware Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had banned the export of a drug that the U.S. president believes is effective against coronavirus. He speaks during a briefing at the White House.


21 thoughts on “Trump Says He Hopes India Will Allow Malaria-Drug Exports to U.S.

  1. Except trump everyone in the comment section are being humane, HE IS LIKE I don't care if your countrymen dies we been exchanging trade so long now gimme all medicine.

  2. lol I wouldn't send us a damn thing. The US has become spoiled and self righteous. It's time we suffer humility. Just like I get no help for being a divorce father, nor shal the rich disgusting pigs who make such damning laws. Suck it you suits! Sleep in the bed you made! My God IS the king of kings!! Now you will see.

  3. It seems everyone has taken advantage of the US. How is it that we continue to be a world leader being taken advantage of. Does Trump actually think we don't take advantage of others. Heck, that's been his mode of operation all his life. Of course Trump can't take what he wishes out. Just look how he responds to simple questions… responsibility for his actions or lack thereof.

  4. Well maybe if Trump didn’t stock pile 29 million this wouldn’t be a problem. That medication is used by people living with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. So Trump can hoard it but Lupus sufferers are to it’s back ordered at their pharmacy or my absolute favorite, the federal government has confiscated. So, 1.5 -2 million Lupus and RA sufferers should just go suck it. Idiot!

  5. It's called implementating tariffs to a country who has been taking advantage of the US and ripping us off for years. It's kind of like when someone pickpockets you and you know it but instead of asking for it back you ask for a favor and they still say no? That's India and China and most of everybody else as well. Uncompassionate thieves. Most of the people in this comment section are truly idiots

  6. So, jus tlike oil. The US will bomb the crap out of India or force economic crisis then and go in and take whatever they want. All the while India's people dying left and right. Yea, the US has been a bully and an outright murderer far, far, far, far, too long.

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