Donald Trump offers US medical help to 'incredible guy' Boris Johnson

US president Donald Trump offered the help of US drug companies in the treatment of Boris Johnson who is in intensive care with coronavirus. Trump said the companies have ‘already had meeting with the doctors’ of the British prime minister, who he called ‘an incredible guy’. Trump did not name which companies are offering help. Asked by the Guardian whether the prime minister’s initially relaxed approach to the pandemic may have been a mistake, Trump – who took a similar approach in the early weeks – replied cautiously. ‘Boris was looking at it differently. He was looking at it earlier. He was looking at it like: ride it out. There were many people thinking about riding it out. Meaning, whatever it is, it is. But then you see what starts to happen, then the numbers become monumental, and they decided not to do.”
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41 thoughts on “Donald Trump offers US medical help to 'incredible guy' Boris Johnson

  1. When exactly did we go into a very strict lockdown??? I know we are doing the stay home but aren't a lot of countries doing the same & being one of the many key workers in the uk along with NHS FIRE POLICE Cleaners & so many more key workers it's more about just keeping it from spreading

  2. USA hasn't helped any country or anyone outside USA to fight the virus. Except Boris.and he also says UK moved things very quickly to contain the covid 19.thats a lie. Our government hasn't done enough and hasn't done anything early when the cases were low. The British government wanted 60 per cent or more in UK get infected to achieve what they call it heard imunisation. An idea which has buffeled scientists doctors and medical experts around the world.
    Any way I'm so sorry for Boris getting the disease.. I wish him a full and speedy recovery soon

  3. Hoping PUTIN does not turn into the new 2020 "BORIS" YELTSIN / YOU CANNOT DEAL with the current AMERICAN administration they are infected mentally infected / the program on their head is a program/ 💻💽📀🖲💾the gases inside most of white house rulers leaders and managers of managers mind is corrupt/ nothing you can do there nobody can is a rusted mentality / chemically unbalanced /👽 human reason logic have TRUMP resign, not qualified for the current realm/👽 Mother AMERICAN NATION needs a courageously and healthy WOMEN/👼with a big heart💜💝that can lift the human feeling on the collapsing nation 👽 Make Americans & the world LOVE 💞AGAIN🧐😇🐣

  4. Trump hinting he got the cure for virus and BoJo just needs to ask . But hold that result ! Is this the Cure and Vaccine the USA attempting to flog to the world?

  5. And another thing…. When BoJo surfaces from his bunker will a NHS /Pharmaceutical trade deal with the United Plantations of America be his first act ? Or is his illness a charade and he has been negotiating on behalf of his shady mates ?

  6. The numbers become "monumental". Another use of a misleading word to help justify what governments (and their puppet masters) around the globe are doing to wreck the world economy in a gross over reaction to a relatively small problem. A lot of discerning and open minded people would like an explanation for this. It certainly won't come from mainstream news media.

  7. Why is it that nothing he is saying here makes sense…and what is this treatment that Boris is lucky enough to get that is being shipped in, are the rest of us cattle not getting this treatment then? No because we are testing herd immunity and if tens of thousands of us die it's not as important. I really hope Boris gets well but I also hope everyone in hospital gets well to.

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