‘Our World War’: Virus Response May Shape If Trump Loses 2020, Says Top Historian | MSNBC

As the coronavirus upends life in the U.S., a renowned Pulitzer Prize winning historian says the virus’s impact on history and American politics is still wider than many may realize – rivaling World War II itself. Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin says “no other event in our lifetimes” since that war recalls comparable destruction, danger and dread, and just and like today’s population living through this pandemic, the World War II generation “didn’t know how it was going to end.” That uncertainty stokes widespread fear, Goodwin tells MSNBC’s Ari Melber, and makes it likely that the coronavirus and federal response will be crucial to the 2020 election. She also contrasts President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s emphasis on sacrifice with President Trump’s crisis response.
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‘Our World War’: Virus Response May Shape If Trump Loses 2020, Says Top Historian | MSNBC


27 thoughts on “‘Our World War’: Virus Response May Shape If Trump Loses 2020, Says Top Historian | MSNBC

  1. There is no profit in storing medical supplies it’s as simple as that and who or what’s responsible for that …. that’s the answer corporate profit over American lives.

  2. Sadly some lemmings will keep rushing toward the cliff irrespective of all the signs saying (danger steep drop)! And sadder still those same lemmings will blame the sign writer not the cliff

  3. It is a mistake to say that this is a war as if it were literally true. It is also misleading and in case anyone hasn't noticed it only serves to prop up the ego of Trump as a war time President. If the virus can be shown to have cognitive capacity then we can consider calling it a war. It would then follow that the front line soldiers are ill equipped to even attempt a dialogue with the virus entity since a medium of communication is not known. Additionally the Commander in Chief does not possess the know how or empathy to manage the situation or supply the troops under his watch with badly needed equipment and medicine. So as not to waste a good war, he sends military forces to the Mediterranean to protect the American people from ?. . .brilliant! only a stable genius would stir up another war for good measure. Lets be careful with the figurative war language, it only adds another layer of confusion.

  4. Amazing! By cutting, pasting, and keeping his remarks to a minimum, Joe appeared lucid though an entire interview. msnbc learned its lesson from earlier msnbc biden interviews where the interviewer was left befuddled and speechless.

  5. how much money did biden get in bribes from red china? Shouldn't congress investigate before we all go the polls to re-elect DONALD J. TRUMP to the presidency of the United States> I mean, we're all suffering here because of red china. Where's the money, joe? Where'd ya put it……..?

  6. A pathetic, weak, narcissistic President whose only concern is his ratings. America, you need to wake up and vote with your feet at the next election and remove this fool so your country regains the respect from the rest of the world that it once enjoyed.

  7. why do adults title themselves as either or Dem or Rep? It's so lame.. Do any of you remember any of the other possibilities or that there are unending variables for each person re their political standings… Please, someone enlighten me on why adults are so either or :/

  8. Listen to this wisdom, compassion, ease of expression. Too bad that unlike, say, a blood transfusion, she cannot share some brain cells with our "president."

  9. That white people have lost their heritage? What good is it to have something and can't hold on too it? AMERICA looking for something in the same place YOU LOST IT?😂😂😂😂


  11. STOP CALLING THIS VIRUS A WAR , WTFH is wrong with the American people , stop saying this , stop comparing the virus to a war , THIS IS WHAT trump WANTS , I'm just saying ,

  12. Americans need to wake up & be thankful that at least there doing everything possible to keep America safe. We need to also do are part in distancing and staying at home… 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God Bless America…

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