New Movies With Digital Releases in April 2020 | Movieclips Trailers

Here are the top trailers for movies coming to home video in April 2020! What will you watch?
Watch All the Best New Trailers from March 2020:

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23 thoughts on “New Movies With Digital Releases in April 2020 | Movieclips Trailers

  1. I watched underwater last night, every single action scene in the movie is shown in the trailer. It was the worst "quick buck" movie I have ever seen.

  2. Every worst third class B> grade movies are getting digital release…Not gonna watch anything, don't wanna waste time when i could devoted at learning something with skillshare 😂

  3. I do not mean to pressure you or sorry if you highly criticize for doing so, but I wish you could upload a video about or including The Nut Job 3, or maybe the TV Animated series version. After showing the first Nut Job's trailer, you cannot show the third's or the TV series yet? The third's in pre-production in an iMDb, and what about a link saying Summer 2020?

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