45 thoughts on “Famous Turkish chef feeding the (stray) dogs

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  2. Hopefully they are all sprayed and neutered too, otherwise they will have false population booms and then when he stops feeding them they will stave and die in time

  3. Everytime I see this guy, his infectious smile gets to me.

    In these trying times, he has covered it up to make sure we don’t have one more infectious thing to worry about.

  4. I visited Turkey a few years ago and I’ve never been anywhere where the stray dogs were so well treated, it was lovely to see. I couldn’t even give my leftovers to one stray as he was full from all the treats he’d already had!

  5. Though I think this guy is awesome, thank god he’s wearing a mask so we don’t have to see his smile.

  6. This guy is **Burak Özdemir** popular as CZN Burak

    > He is a Turkish chef and restaurateur, who owns Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi Aksaray. His technique for preparing and presenting Turkish and Lebanese recipes, generally while gazing directly into the camera with a smile, made him an Internet celebrity.

    > He often shares his cooking videos via Instagram, but his routine took a turn when he shared his charitable action to a disabled Turkish man. As per Sunny Skyz, he surprised the disabled man with a motorized cart and shared the video with his Instagram followers. Burak Özdemir followed the video post with a heartfelt message, “The greatest bond is love.”

    > He has a huge fanbase on Tik Tok and Instagram.

    Cool guy.

  7. Omg I’d take them all home. Who cares about social distancing, when you can have 20+ fluffs to hang out with. Dude certainly has enough food for it lol

  8. I get that he’s doing a good thing, but the fact that he’s being filmed the whole time just makes me feel… icky. Like he’s only doing it for self promotion? Idk.

  9. You know what is truly amazing besides this whole video, he fucking sets down a cover so it’s like a plate for the dogs..

  10. Imagine your a thief you walk behind this man about to mug him. You hear a low growl start to surround you. You look around and see eyes all around you. That’s the last thing you see

  11. Turkish people are some of the most animal friendly people I’ve ever seen, as stray dogs and cats are taken care of by the people in general. In Istanbul you’ll see stray dogs just hanging around touristic places or crowded areas, and they are fed by the people there or animal orgs and can be easily recognized as they have a yellow tag pinned to their ear.

    Can’t remember why they are so kind to strays in Turkey, but for one thing, Turkish culture is not very big on having a dog as a pet. The other thing is maybe a superstition of being kind to animal and God will be kind to you, or somtehing along those lines.

  12. The Ottomans used to make intentional potholes in their roads so that stray animals could drink accumulated rainwater.

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