Death by Individualism: Why USA Can't Do What China Did to 'Kill' COVID-19 Pandemic

USA Today reports that China “stopped” the COVID-19 pandemic with harsh, collectivist tactics that liberty-loving Americans would never accept. Do we run the risk of death by individualism? Or is China still lying on a massive scale about the success of its totalitarian efforts to kill the pandemic?

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49 thoughts on “Death by Individualism: Why USA Can't Do What China Did to 'Kill' COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. These guys completely miss the point that the media is lying about the numbers. Multiple doctors and nurses have reported that people who died of other things are being reported as dying from CV19. As long as the antibodies are in their bloodstream (they're in EVERYONE'S bloodstream) then they label them as having died from the virus.. EVEN if they were asymptomatic. It's insane. Not to mention the multiple videos made by people showing that hospitals are completely empty right now, as opposed to the media telling us that they're overflowing. Nothing but lies going on right now, and people like Bill are ignoring the lies.

  2. Anybody that thinks our lock down is voluntary is fooling themselves! In my state, non compliance comes with a year in jail and/or $5,000 fine as a consequence. They also have hotlines for tattle tells. I guess at least it's not a bullet to the head…..yet.

  3. We are hearing loudly and consistantly from only one group of experts: those who work with the "contain in a bubble" model of epidemiology. There are other voices ( doctors in this same field, not kooks) who have said: 1. that this virus is already so dispersed or " in the wild" that it's going to run its course world wide regardless of our attempts to contain it at this point, and2: that until sufficient numbers of people have it, survive it, and thus "herd immunity" begins to form, it's more likely to become a seasonal threat (as in going thru this every year.) I'm not going to instantly sign on to all of this, and our family is voluntarily cooperating with the stay at home guidelines, but I do hope that ALL epedemiologists and virologists are being heard and a true dialog is happening among them, for all of our sakes!!

  4. Bill, when you insist that planetary quarantine is sensible when we know who is vulnerable, you make yourself a tool of authoritarians. If my immune system waned, I would never expect everyone else to get in a bubble for my safety, nor would I want that. The premise that doing it voluntarily is necessary opens the door to impose it forcibly.

  5. Without America, Canada, and Great Britain, the Chinese would be speaking Japanese today. But the most salient lesson we can draw from Communist China: "the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be." The Ten Commandments mean nothing to the communist regime.

  6. Thanks to people like you, who take the dangerous trek into insanity on a daily basis, I no longer have to read CCP Today. I used to throw the whole paper out except the puzzle page, but since social justice has invaded the puzzles too, I dropped my subscription.

  7. As an outsider (European) I suspect America's biggest problem is not individualism per se, but individualism combined with consumerism, multiculturalism (i.e. Black, Mexican, Jewish & Asian neighborhoods) and the disastrous results of affirmative action, feminism, desegregation busing, integration etc. America could have handled this crisis back in the 1950s. Now it's bound to collapse completely.

  8. We can be free while coughing due to the rampant spread of coronavirus. It has spread faster here than anywhere else. People are not fast adjusters here. Instead of welding people in their homes, we're just going to let them catch and spread the disease. I'm an expendable worker with complicating health factors. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I contract the disease.

  9. I saw the video referenced by Bill, the welding shut of doors in China – the videographer was shocked to see them- policemen or military, welding metal apartment doors shut, with people screaming from inside!
    And Scott, I see people in my street in groups walking, too,,,and driving around very slowly, unbelievable!

  10. In Oz we saw that welding door video. It was a green door on a multistory building. If they did it once they would be doing it all the time. They obey orders, you think it was just one building and someone just happened to catch it on smartphone?

  11. This is a case where the, "cure is worse than the disease"…..I'm starting to think that it's just another ploy to bring down our president. We need to go back to work!

  12. USA will pay a high cost in lives but the western countries will flat that curve voluntely. Non western countries will suffer far more and for far longer because those borders must stay closed. We may never know how many will die in China but history shows what happens in totalitarian countries when bad things happen. Millions of their own die. Masks get them, wear them. Especially in those hot spots. Oz curves are flattening, will next week show them going down? Ozzie's love cars too, public transport will kill more.

  13. Hey Bill and All, Public health requires the virus be listed on a death cert and counted as cause even though the individual has passed from something else even though it is not actually the cause. One other thing, the test being used identifies the corona viruses but not the specific strain covid 19 and the test being used is not a diagnostic test yet its being used as such. Sources Robert Scott Bell and Jon Rappaport.

  14. If there's anyplace in the world where people live stacked on top of each other it's China.
    The truth is that the Chinese are dropping like flies. If NYC is getting hit hard you can bet your life that China is getting hit at least 100X harder just by doing simple math.

  15. Hart Island In the NY sound next to City Island in the Bronx has had a burial crew for decades that buries unclaimed vagrants. The crew of prisoners takes a short boat ride from Rikers Island prison.

  16. We are successful in fighting off the Corona so far… because we're full on assholes and do what we individually do, on our own, as we wish. Give me liberty or give me death. China LOST to the COVID back in the 1940's, we just see another loss now, and it continues… they are SLAVES! and are killed at the whim of their government. So who exactly are we competing with here… dead men?

  17. Have you heard that Obama's former guy, Ben Rhodes has a book out saying Obama was busy telling world leaders that they didn't have to go along with Trump's policies. You can't stop that New World Order agenda. Kerry was busy too trying to usurp the president. Is that treason?

  18. No serious comment. Scott. You and I have something in common. Other than living in Texas, we have the same hair cut. Yours is getting a little shaggy! Order yourself a Peanut clipper on Amazon and buzz it yourself! It’s easy and holds true to my favorite term. Cheap and easy. 😬 (Just thought I would inject a little light heartiness into the day).

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