22 thoughts on “Zoom sued for allegedly sharing users’ personal data with Facebook

  1. Can we drop the word “allegedly “ and tell
    The truth? They did share, it wasn’t a mistake, they’re a bunch of money hungry criminals

  2. “The lawsuit also states Zoom was paid for sharing user data, although court documents don’t disclose how much money Zoom allegedly received.”

    “Shared”… for piles of money.

  3. Wasn’t there login with FB or something like that: That automatically means your data. Or that was other app.

  4. What is the deal with Zoom? It seems to have popped up out of nowhere. None of the late night hosts can go one YouTube upload without plugging it. And now this?

  5. So, when is Facebook going to get shut down? They are always stealing data, and even went to court, and they still continue to operate. Amazing.

  6. So how about children using the service? Isn’t selling kids data a bigger no-no than adults or it may just be the EU.

  7. I thought we knew that they just implemented the FB API which by default shares some data, has there been some newer information to cause this shitstorm?

  8. Can someone tell me what exactly what is being sold in terms of data and what is the biggest worry. I understand fb and loads of other apps have access to my data, including Google. I’m monitored pretty much everywhere I go, but I feel that’s just the way world is now. What is the biggest worry for people in regards to this cos I genuinely feel like I’m missing out on something, and I would like to know what direction we are heading towards, what precautions should I be taking.

  9. Well, don’t forget to sue Facebook too! If they’re creating incentive for them to share your private data without your consent then you should certainly blame Facebook as well.

    If Facebook is creating the incentive then Facebook is the main problem.

  10. Poorly written article. Zoom should be under scrutiny, of course, but it would be helpful if that scrutiny was reported by people that understand the matter, and not just some bozo that has no idea how the FB SDK works.

    Zoom have been pretty forthcoming about this themselves and have already rectified the issue and made public the details.

  11. Person – signs up for service with Facebook

    Facebook – *collects data from person and service*

    Person – *surprised Pikachu face*

  12. Then don’t use Zoom. Zoom was using a Facebook API which was unknowingly sending data to Facebook. Zoom has since stopped using this API. Problem solved. Sue Facebook as the data was going to them.

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