USA: Russian plane with humanitarian aid arrives in New York City

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A Russian military plane carrying medical aid for the US arrived at New York City’s JFK airport on Wednesday, as the country continues its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Footage shows the Russian plane waiting for the US authorities to supervise the unloading of the equipment.

Several police vehicles can also been seen next to the plane.

The US is the county with the most coronavirus cases. According to the latest Johns Hopkins University data, the US has registered 209,071​ cases with 4,633 deaths.

Russia also sent medical personnel and equipment to Italy last week.

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48 thoughts on “USA: Russian plane with humanitarian aid arrives in New York City

  1. Hey americans, stay strong and be health! I hope rhis aids will help you. God bless you!
    And dont forget put economic sanctions against us when covid-19 is over.
    greetings from Ural, Russia!

  2. What a beautiful act of kindness from Russia to America. I love Russia, his president and his wonderful population. Helping half of the world including who cause them loss of Billions to it's economy due to sanctions and threat to it's allies with Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, called CAATSA, requires the imposition of sanctions on persons and entities that knowingly engaged in a significant transaction with Russia’s defense or intelligence sectors.
    Russia shows, once again, who is the best between the two.

  3. Reconciliation between USA (Majority are Christians) and Russian (Christian Orthodox)… is very important…It is good for the Russian to humble themselves by extending their hand to show their love to American…. Praise to Jesus…

  4. Russian kindness has always been our weakness!!! We always helped everyone, saved them and always got a knife in the back for it!!! We are waiting for new sanctions!

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