Trump shifts tone with grim coronavirus warnings

President Trump’s coronavirus task force shared grim projections for the country’s future amid the coronavirus crisis, estimating that 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could die before the crisis is over. The tone of the press conference marks a stark departure from Mr. Trump’s previous media appearances, where he mostly touted the success of his administration’s response. Weijia Jiang is at the White House where she breaks down the president’s latest message.


31 thoughts on “Trump shifts tone with grim coronavirus warnings

  1. No, it will be down to zero by the end of the week. Remember! Trump said so. Lets go to church everyone, pack em full. Its all good. Its just a flu.
    Translated; i'm an idiot and you are now going to die because of it.

  2. When your leader keep lying, saw this coming since january and now predict 100-240k deaths. This is humanity crime to let your people dying when you realize it will coming and you let it happen…

  3. Again you are not reporting the full report. I watched the whole thing and they were hopeful even with the numbers that are "Projected" Yes, they are warning but again a warning. I don't see that Trump has downplayed anything. He is the President and gives hope. Stop playing bits and pieces. PEOPLE WAKE UP and watch the WHOLE PRESS CONFERENCE. Stop listening to opinions and not representing the whole truth. SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU for turning this into a false narrative of what really what was said. And I "HOPE" like all American's should HOPE that this virus would be gone by Easter, I would HOPE that it would be gone tomorrow. But my HOPE and the HOPE of the president doesn't mean we are in denial. HOPE definition = verb =want something to happen or be the case.

    "he's hoping for an offer of compensation" So yes he made the statement HOPE thank goodness for that I wouldn't him to say otherwise and send this country in to chaos. It's reports like this that don't tell whole the truth and don't give hope. AGAIN Don't believe me check it out for yourself and watch the WHOLE press conference. What ever happened to "Oath: I swear by Almighty God that I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

  4. Sensationalism? It is always sad to lose those we are close to and I don't mean to minimize that pain and suffering. However, I'm not sure how 7/100th of 1% amounts to "Grim". We lose 366,000 to preventable heart disease every year and yet we almost never hear anything about it in the news. Don't panic people. Just stay healthy and take care of those you love.

  5. If you are "High Risk" stay home. If you are not, continue your life as normal but refrain from being in contact with "High Risk" it is that simple. I know many many people who have had Covid and every one of them are fine. I understand this shutdown in big cities but it is 100% unnecessary for smaller cities and counties (as long as the "High Risk" stay home). This is getting quite ridiculous.

  6. People should take a new drug called TRUMP – it drops your IQ 70%, you cannot speak proper English, and you make up everything you say – it really is a wonder drug – it won't save you from the virus, but you'll be too dumb to care.

  7. If only we weren’t given wrong information and lie compare this with flu. I’m nurse at my hospital all my coworker two weeks ago kept on saying calm down it’s only flu 😟

  8. Damn those scientists, with their education, knoweldge, logic and inductive reasoning! What we need is a President who " Has a good feelin" about it". Well, idiots vote for idiots. When resources are limited and need to be assigned in the most efficicent and effective way – Trump voters should be treated with "Thoughts and prayers", non-Trump voters get the ventilators

  9. Every aspect of the administrations response to this crisis has been disastrous!!!! From calling it a hoax at the onset to providing supplies to states and protection for our sailors. This president will go down in the history books as the most inept!

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