Trump And Coronavirus Task Force Hold Briefing At White House (Live Stream) | NBC News

President Trump and the coronavirus task force give an update on the response effort from the White House.

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Trump And Coronavirus Task Force Hold Briefing At White House (Live Stream) | NBC News


42 thoughts on “Trump And Coronavirus Task Force Hold Briefing At White House (Live Stream) | NBC News

  1. Trump said he didn't think we see him looking at reports. He's right. I don't think he lets anyone in his office to show him reports. It's too much information and interrupts his Fox viewing.

  2. Then start talking about the coronavirus next minute they're saying that they have sees metric tons of drugs cocaine and their fighting against the drug cartels and the terrorist and then Trump turns around we're trying to stop the drugs which one is it full of rubbish instead of China get the medicine for the virus they're talking about drugs War

  3. UnderReport ? what a nasty reporter and what a nasty question ? What don't you ask a question about under-acting of Trumps administration in fighting the coronavirus in comparison with China's strict measures in countering the virus.

  4. It's too late the earth is entering the 5 dimension. It's too late for the entire world. The propaganda the world took against the holy land was the wrong move. If you just understood the difference between the creation and the Creator. If you understood this. We will be in a much better place. Again who rules rules and he is angry, you better watch out cause his anger is not fun. Any way, what's done done. I remember some verse in the quran that speaks about the people of the elephants. They went to destroy the kabba and God destroyed them. It happened years before the message of Islam came to light. I always think about it and I always say well God protected his holy land. How come now every one is mocking invading killing humiliating the holy land? I had no clue but now I am amazed at his Majesty. Bless u all.

  5. I so like how trump has become so more fun to watch … starting to like him as human …I love him but hate alot of his nasty ness … but come on Trump is likable here

  6. WTF.. FREEKING corrupt gov leaders made millions then made a duck let's forget that then… Now left to the people. Who gets it now nuke Waist just cover with cement problem solved but drugs will live for a million years.

  7. Not leading by example at all. Get all those people off the stage! Social distancing fail. But wait we'll put all our resources into fighting drug cartels? WTF?

  8. pep talk for military spending?
    they take the ability for people to get health insurance due to his hatred for Obama, people are dying, we are losing our healthcare workers….this is long from over…this is just unreal….all these guys got up and did is praise trump…smh

  9. The increase in counter narcotics south Americaseems to be increasing the troops landing at the air base near George w Bush's compound in the country Paraguay a 31 square smile property with a large water reservoir under it…. Ck it out… Fake news

  10. I voted for you but now is not the TIME to pat your self on the back we don't need to here ABOUT that now we need a cure great job let them know were on too them a chapter out off Obama's book

  11. 800.000 children went missing in 2002…this is your priority?they ,Mexicans are taking too much off the govs plate…apparently… always…hoping they lead into the right directions,,,pipe''dreams…

  12. Are Americans really so stupid to accept this diversion tactic? REALLY, this needs to be discussed in THIS forum? It couldn't be done quietly in the background because, even if an increased threat from drug cartels were true, the American people do not have enough on the plates with the current COVID situation? Shame on this administration. SHAME!

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