The Coronavirus Task Force provides further updates on pandemic | USA TODAY

White House coronavirus task force provides an update.
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A Navy ship with 1,000 hospital beds arrived in New York City’s harbor, and the nation’s premiere public health expert vigorously defended President Donald Trump’s decision to extend social distancing and self-isolation measures as a battle to contain the coronavirus gained steam Monday.

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38 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Task Force provides further updates on pandemic | USA TODAY

  1. I like how everyone is brainwashed this virus has been around since the late 60s developed in China the sore media has tooken this way to far there a virus every year its probably killing alot of people but when all of a sudden did the world government start caring about it we have gone through the flu, Sars, Ebola, they didn't lock us down at those times the government is studying how to control its people and see how they react if martial law has to be declared one day yall need to chill and stop worrying about the covid 19 crap the flu kills more than average a year and the media hasn't talked about that if they did it give the same attention as the covid 19

  2. These get funnier by the day. Who can we blame today for our ineptness? The democrats, the governor’s, oh wait..OBAMA! Let’s keep telling them how depleted and antiquated the system was before this administration fixed it. Believe that, and you’ll believe in the Easter Bunny. Can’t wait to go to church.

  3. after this pandemic over, America needs to change course of direction to be less dependent on China as world factory. America needs to be ready for the next challenge

  4. And again I said then! And I say it now! And I know all president trump supporters since 2016 , and so far I don't really like hypocrisy, and also I don't like also ( opportunists either)

  5. Acosta and other CNN "reporters" should not be allowed in if they aren't going to actually broadcast the event. They couldn't more clearly be tipping their hat as propagandists.

  6. Oh my God, it is hard to hear the stupid repetitive questions these reporters ask. It's like they don't listen or they just like to hear themselves speak. Sheesh.

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