Coronavirus: Trump warns of 'very painful two weeks'

President Donald Trump dramatically changed the tone of his approach to the coronavirus outbreak, saying the US should prepare for difficult days ahead.

Only recently he had been comparing COVID-19 to the flu – but now he’s calling it a ‘plague’.

His coronavirus task force revealed that without social distancing measures, the estimated death toll in the US would have been between 1.5 million and 2.3 million.

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40 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Trump warns of 'very painful two weeks'

  1. Why not put Sanction on Corona-virus? like they did to Iran? Americans are good t at sanction game. i hope corona teach these warmonger a good lesson that humanity is more important then hurting other

  2. Why oh why, are mainly just Spain, Italy, France, UK and the US. Being hit like a freight train. In comparison to most everyone else. Unless this is going to be around for ages and other places are going to get hit really bad sooner or later as well. By the way I'm not including China in the list. Because IF the numbers are right considering their huge population size their figures are remarkably 'good' in comparison to the 5 Countries mentioned.

  3. The media can't decide whether he is been over the top with his response or underwhelming. I remember when the media were criticizing club for closing the border with China saying it was unfounded unnecessary and racist and now they are saying that he is not doing enough

  4. For the first time I support trump…..he was one of the first leader to put travel ban on china for which he was criticized… is so astonishing that news channels like bbc,al jazeera,cnn and sky news dont want to debate on china and WHO role to create this pandemic…..trump is very correct….

  5. the finger pointing is solely rest with the CCP end off want to blame someone blame the CCP trump is doing his very best under what was a surprise to the world we need to come together not rip one another a part i trust the plan and together we stand as one in god i trust

  6. Trump's still using his invisible accordion I see. Also he needs a book on adjectives. "Tremendous" and "Fantastic" should be retired.

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