Solemn Trump warns of 'hard days' ahead for U.S. battling coronavirus surge | ABC News

In an abrupt change of tone, Pres. Trump warns “every American to be prepared for the hard days that lie ahead,” and praises health care workers at a hard-hit Queens hospital, saying they are “like military people going into battle.” #coronavirus #donaldtrump #pandemic #anthonyfauci #whitehouse #briefing #elmhursthospital

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37 thoughts on “Solemn Trump warns of 'hard days' ahead for U.S. battling coronavirus surge | ABC News

  1. Together we can save America and ourselves by simply following the Stay Home guidelines and following through with the information given to us by our state Govt. It's really up to us to stay safe and protect our lives.

  2. Its amusing to see him mansplaining like he is the most knowledgeable person di in the world, while we all know a series of statement he made previously…What a wanker….

  3. Think I got the virus. Started with rib pain with deep breathes. Now my whole body aches, feel weak, body feels hot and I wanna sleep and its only 651 pm. Which is rare for me. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. To think I workout for 4 years straight have a lot of muscle and did cardio frequently. 5'9.5 213lbs 22 years old.

  4. I'm starting to believe they want a lot of people on social security to die off , the Republican's have been trying cut or eliminate SS for years !!

  5. What about the convenience store worker or gas station worker or the one who stocked the shelves through the night at Kroger….talk about them too as front liners because that's what we are 🇺🇸

  6. Seeing both sides of the political spectrum do 180 flips every couple of days depending on what Trump or MSM says has been pretty hilarious to see but also pretty depressing.

    Initially, WHO and MSM were downplaying this virus. Saying travel bans were racists, uneeded and saying China had everything under control. So the left was like "Flu is clearly worse!" and the right was like "Ban chinese!". Then WHO declared it a pandemic and MSM started saying how serious it was and Trump started underplaying it. Guess what happened? The left called for lockdowns and UBI and the right started saying it was a Democratic plan to make Trump lose the election. Now Trump says it's a Plague and it's gonna be bad…

    Are the left and right going to keep blaming each other and doing more 180 flips? Or are they finally gonna stop being dumb morons and start working together in this pandemic?

  7. Mr. President at least now stop boasting and face the reality. You should have taken this step well ahead without questioning on why you need 30,000 ventilators. Thank you at least now you are acting accordingly…

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