Central Park converted to field hospital for coronavirus patients

A 68-bed tent hospital is under construction in New York City’s Central Park near Mount Sinai Hospital; David Lee Miller reports from the scene.

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38 thoughts on “Central Park converted to field hospital for coronavirus patients

  1. What happens when all the hospitals are overwhelmed. What are you flexing then? Time to setup some portable cremation facilities that can handle 500 dead per day. Sad but burying the bodies will a problem.

  2. there are all the supposed patients ???? theres NO people lining uop gfor treatment. why ? because this is NOT the big emergency they want us all to believe !!!! this is all a lie ! sure , theres a virus that is very contagious. but…. its NOT spreading like they say. a very small part of the population are affected badly by it. SO most people recover with NO treatment. the numbers are low. just look at the hospitals. there are no patients. wake up !!!!

  3. Hoarding and panic buying is not a good thing to do. It makes things
    worse not only for yourself but also for other people. You are just
    making the economy worse and other people who can not afford to
    stockpile go with out food and things need. There a lot of family's with
    kids that are suffering and other family's that need that more. Not
    only that look at what its doing to the medical workers. Don't let this
    stupid Virus scare you its not worth it.

  4. The largest Lawsuit in History will be filed against Fox News and Hannity for claiming this devastating virus was a Hoax. Many lives will be lost because of the denials and spreading of Fake News. For those who have lost a loved ones join the lawsuit. The FCC is now considering rescinding the Fox News broadcasting licence taking them off the air.

  5. The Central Park hospital has been erected from Christian kindness by Samaritans purse. It makes me sick that they are using it as part of the propaganda. The hospitals are able to compensate at this time. Would be nice if the MSM gave shout out to the Christian organization since they’ve been blaming Christians for the spread Because all they did was pray.

  6. On the Liberal Net- Works, and the much touted "The View", none of this history-making news was mentioned. They can not Cease Bashing Pres. Trump. "New Yorkers are a much jaded bunch", the reporter stated.

  7. Today is March 30th. I live in Lake Tahoe California. Even today I look up into the sky and I count 5 jets spraying with chemtrails. It's too bad that they won't put a stop to this even through our times of crisis. Just the jet emissions alone not to mention the deadly harmful chemicals and toxic metals they spray on us everyday. Your program can delete this comment because I know no one wants to talk about it on any news station. It's too bad how they continue to do this to the American citizen and their families.

  8. I see a Christian organization helping people but what about the lefts rich . I don't see Deblazio , Pelosi, or the Clinton Foundation donating for the cause because they would have nothing to gain and nothing to steal. A little of their chump change would help the public and go a long way.

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