31 thoughts on “There’s a time for work, and a time for herp derp.

  1. “Here you go, take yourself for play time.”

    First time I have ever seen a lab with their tail cut short.

  2. I love that the soldiers don’t even bother to watch him as he runs off at first, not worried the slightest bit about their good boy.

  3. Last month I learned from the federal police in mexico that the reason you can’t pet police service dogs over here regardless of wether or not they are on duty is that lack of resources make local police departments train their dogs to be multipurpose, and one of that purposes is usually guard dog, so they are more aggressive.

    I found this out after meeting their dogs, which were only trained as body search dogs, so when they finished their job, we were free to pet them and play with them.

  4. “Oh boy oh gosh I’m gonna JUMP and holy cow there’s a thing and that’s cool and a THING! How many things could there possibly be in the universe and I found one! It’s Amazi– Ok back to work.”

  5. I’m fucking hammered and the part where he settles down fucking gets me bro. Like he knows he has a job to do and he wants to do it well. He’s BETTER THAN ME!!! What a good boy

  6. I had a golden that would do this. Would hold the leash in his mouth, grunt and make weird happy noises, and walk beside me step for step. Was a great party trick. “Here. Walk yourself”

    Sigh… Fuckin brain tumors

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