Mark Cuban accuses 3M of allowing price gouging in medical equipment

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, joins ‘CAVUTO Live’ to discusses Trump’s response to coronavirus. #FoxNews

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26 thoughts on “Mark Cuban accuses 3M of allowing price gouging in medical equipment

  1. Wow Mark Cuban. So interesting. If you're against price gauging why do your ticket prices go up and down depending on the mavericks opponent. I'm guessing that's "completely different" right?

  2. If I remember correctly Mark was against Trump at first but I think he has seen many good things change for the better in 3 years. Mark is a good money manager, a perfect person to handle our economy also. Its time to get rid of politicians and let people who know how to make money run for office. People who get elected should get a small salary until their term is up and then go back to their day time jobs which should be held while they serve their country.

  3. He didnt deminish anything. The Michigan governor is wet behind the ears. She is over wheeled. She should be reaching out to other governors or to the past governor. For the sake of her people

  4. 3M will face the music when this is over along with these fools that went around to stores and cleaned out the stores of supplies then tried to sell the stuff at a greatly inflated price.

  5. That was senator massie problem with the stimulus check.
    He thought too much money was being wasted by everyone bidding to purchase the same thing with the same money and not allowing more than $1200 per individual.
    Deregulation of masks that have a number that are for construction instead of healthcare but is the he same item is better than paying out 1000 times the normal amount for the one with the label for healthcare.
    Same for any other equipment and food and anything else we as Americans need.

  6. He's a sneaker theif, people are just dumb,15 dollars!!?? Wow! And on the shark tank,they all try to get multi million dollar inventions for 50cents,desperate people,That dosen't sound like Mark Cuban??


  8. The government tells the people to not go to the ER and go to their doctors if they have any symptoms. However, those of us in private practice are not being prioritized to get the necessary PPE to be able to do the job properly. That is why many of the doctors are either closing their doors or refusing to see the patients and sending them to the ER. I understand how important it is for hospitals to have these supplies, but as front line healthcare workers in private practice should also be receiving them. I’m sick and tired of seeing such products go to Costco or Home Depot and being purchased by consumers and not being given to private practices for their safety.

  9. Mark Cuban as a member of the Shark Tank encouraged the businesses he invested in to mass produce their goods in China and import them back to the USA. Nobody should care what he thinks about this crisis.

  10. Corruption breeds corruption breeds more corruption. Hasn't anyone figured it out yet, The capitalist way of life has run its course. At one time it was good but in time it brings massive amounts of greed and corruption. Most of those struggling each day can see this as we continue to watch our country divide, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Many now understand that capitalism has a shelf life and that shelf life expired decades ago And the socialist plan the Democrats are forging will not solve anything. In Venezuela they thought socialism was good at first but overnight they realized their mistake and by then it was to late. We need a newly invented program that is more fair to everyone, not just a select few for the way we are going on now the exploitation, the greed and corruption will only continue. Please pray for our country, please pray for our world.

  11. Let me add to this since I am from Michigan. Gov. Witmer IS A LET DOWN AND IS acting like a jerk thru this crisis, not Trump. She's blaming everyone else for this and does not use her voice or position as a solution but for negative propaganda. She will not be re elected since she doesn't lead and isn't for Michiganders. H:EY WITMER, PROVE YOUR FOR MICHIGAN NOT FOR YOURSELF AND BE APPRECIATIVE OF PEOPLE TRYING TO HELP

  12. Why don't US explain to the world: A aircraft carrier filled only Americans Amy at Pacific ocean towards South China Sea in January. There are soldiers infected by covid 19. How this explain to world? So somehow the virus travel from China to the carrier? This information is in public. Where is this virus oriented, who knows. Stop those stupid comment on China. In fact, HiV and swine flu started at US. Did anyone say anything about it? A bunch of double standard hypocrite.

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