Coronavirus: UK deaths climb above 1,000 – BBC News

A total of 1,019 patients have died after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK as of 5pm on Friday, the Department of Health has said, up from 759 the day before.

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31 thoughts on “Coronavirus: UK deaths climb above 1,000 – BBC News

  1. China has the vaccine and the cure.

    What’s the best way to spread Covid19 SARS virus?

    This is a wise man's question, not the most Demonic question for you to better spread of Covid-19, it is already doing a quite terrible job on itself.

    Before you get the answer to the question let’s go through, preliminary important knowledge for the answer to make real sense.

    What we know for sure about the Covid-19 it’s of the SARS family (Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome), can live outside of the body for 28 days if condition are favorable ( may be it could be extended encapsulated), needs at least 56°C or higher to die, can live suspended in the air which means airborne ( ), goes into your lungs through the nose, mouth, or eyes as they say although I doubt it because there is no passage from eyes to lungs, 14 days incubation period but still can contaminate, the infection spreads from person to person and theoretically the best way to protect yourself is through self isolation and whenever you need to go outside of your house to wear protective nose and mouth mask and change it as possible because it gets contaminated after so many uses; based on these information and to bring the virus straight into the lungs, isn’t incorporating the virus into the face mask or respiratory apparatus very randomly not to be detected or incriminated the best place to spread the virus worldwide?

    Sending agent or contaminating people as they travel to new location wouldn’t it be a terrible way?

    In fact this cheap face mask you buy doesn’t protect if the virus is airborne since air seeps through from all sides, this mask might only prevent your mucus from contaminating things when you talk or sneeze. If the virus is airborne you would need a hazmat suit to protect yourself.

    So what’s the solution, the solution is a washable mask that you wash before first use and all respiratory equipment should never be imported and manufactured under extreme surveillance.

    Next, Covid-19 virus man or nature made, it doesn’t matter both are capable of worse; the important question to answer, is there just a remote possibility that the spread of Covid-19-virus into pandemic is criminal man made? In life you may not solve a problem if a very remote possibility is dismissed.

    In order to answer this question, one must look at the natural likelihood way the virus should have spread around the world. Covid-19 is supposedly spreading from person to person this is what we are told; if so, the higher the population density and displacement to and from contaminated area the greater and wider the possibility for the spread of infection.

    Let’s look at the population and transport for the major virus epicenters as they developed China, Europe and USA.

    China 1.4 billion, huge mega cities (Shanghai 26.8, Beijing 20, Chongqing 15.7), top densest city in the world, transport infrastructure better than Europe or the US.

    Europe population size 741 million, beside London most of them are like small mega cities in China (London 9.1, Berlin 3.7, Spain 3.2, Rome 2.8, Paris 2.1), density London and Madrid ranks in the forties nothing compare to China cities, good transport infrastructure.

    US population 327 million, to the exception of New York most cities are less than China small mega cities (New York 8.4 Los Angeles 4, Illinois 2.7, Texas 2.3 then the rest start to drop quite fast), city density Only New York is high but nothing comparable to most China's, good transport infra structure.

    From the natural way the virus should have spread, China should have been the worse hit, followed by Europe and the least the US; strangely enough China has been the least hit.

    The virus has been limited to China Hubei province when it had spread all over Europe and US, is that due to China fast adequate response contrary to Europe or US slow bad?

    For a still uncovered virus to be declared a threat it should at least have already infected and killed many people otherwise it is not a threat and till that point it makes no sense for China to take any draconian actions as it did.

    From the start of the spread of the virus to the moment it became a threat, not a single infected person came into contact with the one point three billion from the other provinces?

    Wuhan not only it’s China ninth largest city but it is in Hubei China Central province, which means for most road or rail travelers to other provinces or major cities whether north, south, east or west they have to go through Wuhan. To that you have to add the air travelers from the other provinces to Wuhan.

    Plus Hubei being a central Chinese province with no sea access and none of the other provinces got contaminated that means the contamination reached Europe and the USA only through flight travelers. The combined road, rail and air travelers in and out of Hubei to the other Chinese provinces is by very far much bigger than the European or American air travelers; the small number of only out travelers from Wuhan contaminated all of Europe and all of the US, but the other by far much bigger China internal travelers did not contaminate any of the other Chinese provinces.

    China has vaccinated its people before spreading the virus.

    How to explain the mortality rate in Europe or the US by far much bigger than in China? Is it the same virus that spread through China or China has the cure?

    How likely Russia China's closest political partner despite bordering China has almost no infections?

    Moscow 12.6 million inhabitants 47 densest city in the world, with all the population movements with the other European cities, should have been worse hit than any other European city to the exception of London.

    Italy and Iran with close economic ties to China became respectively 2nd and 3rd largest epicenter only to make it more look as if the US is behind the infection spread.

    China rushes to the help of Italy and Iran to look as a super hero but in fact it is the super Villain.

    Last but not least, in a criminal case, the first suspect is the one who benefit the most from the crime. The whole world economy has been devastated but not China’s.

    This is clear a global biological warfare carried by China on randomly on innocent world wide, this a world war III with violation of all principles.

    Sorry Mrs. Allison Pearson you were too diplomatic “made in China” should be “badge of shame" should more like “Evil made of China"

    It’s definitely time, for all nations to stand in solidarity, call for an urgent UN security council meeting, to appoint a joint investigation team of scientists, mathematicians, setup an international tribunal and the nation found guilty should bear all the consequences.

    In fact what China did to the world today, destroy nations to prop itself, is what the US with its allies have been doing to the world since the second world war.

    It’s time for them to sit around a table and solve their problems.

    It is very hard breaking, for families being destroyed watching their loved ones are dieing in agony alone and they can’t do anything about it.

    God bless you all and bless the innocent victims that died.

    Morning Sun for the survivors.

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  2. As someone who is in the group to stay isolated for 12 weeks can I offer my thanks to all those who are having their lives disrupted at all levels to help me live longer to see my grandchildren grow up to be able to give back to our country.

  3. Why have we not heard about anyones condition? If someone is dying of cancer and they get the flu or pneumonia then die you never say they died of flu. I swear they are picking it up in hospitals

  4. So, sad
    Every body would like to see back to NORMAL..,!?
    War's killing millions
    Starvation, thousands die annual
    Terrorist, attacks again
    Knife crimes back again
    Climate change, ?
    Winter flue, 17,000 annually dead, UK and Europe
    Summer heatwave, 7,000
    Dead annual UK and Europe
    Prisons totally full….
    Trillion and billions in debts….. UK….
    Sound about right ,back to NORMAL…..!!

  5. Cigarettes kill more people – Every year around 78,000 people in the UK die from smoking, with many more living with debilitating smoking-related illnesses. Why isn't there a lock down due to that. The whole thing is a lot of old bollocks.

  6. The figures are completely wrong how many have had the virus . We will never know because testing has not happened even my daughters who both work for the NHS and have been ill were not tested. I think this has a long way to go and things may never be back as they were, my sympathy to all of you who lost family and friends

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