27 thoughts on “21 years ago today, Shaquille O’ Neal dunked all over Chris Dudley

  1. I remember watching this game. The most notable thing about this is Dudley tagged Shaq right in the butt with the basketball from half a court away when he threw it.

  2. Turns out Chris Dudley lives in my town and he and I were in the same taco shop one time. I recognized him but didn’t say anything because the only thing I could think of was how he got destroyed by Shaq.

  3. For perspective, Chris Dudley was listed at 6′ 11″ and 236 lbs.

    Bonus fun fact: his wife’s name is also Chris Dudley.

  4. I have no sympathy for Dudley whatsoever because he managed to be one of the few people who shot fts worse than Shaq

  5. Isn’t Shaq actually getting him back for something dirty someone did to Kobe right before this? That makes it even better.

  6. “A journeyman center, he was known primarily for his defensive skill as a rebounder and shot blocker and getting posterized by Shaquille O´Neal and throwing the ball at him.”

    Damn, this even made it into Dudley’s wikipedia summary. Imagine playing all those years in the NBA just to have your career be inextricably tied to being humiliated one time by Shaq.

  7. Ahh Chris Dudley…one of those guys from that era whose biggest assets on the court were their size and 6 fouls to give

  8. Shaq whispers in his ear

    “For a great low rate you can get online, go to The General and save some time.”

  9. Well. Shaq was as asshole here. Dudley got dunked on yes… but he also tried to catch shaq after that dunk to make sure no one got hurt, yet shaq proceeds to push him away for no reason like a class act douche.

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