Trump under fire over arbitrary coronavirus deadline

Economics and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have criticized President Trump for his plan to open the country in time for Easter. Mr. Trump’s own top medical experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have warned against arbitrary deadlines for resuming normal activities. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump is accusing the media of wanting to keep the country shut down in order to hurt his re-election chances. Paula Reid reports on the discord within the White House.


43 thoughts on “Trump under fire over arbitrary coronavirus deadline

  1. No
    creo que la izquierda-socialista-democrata y los
    medios falsos. Si ganan en Noviembre,
    perderemos AMERICA y nuestro pais se convertira en Venezuela !
    TRUMP-2020 !

  2. Trump gonna have to stop having his POTUS WH Podium freestyle 2 hour rally press briefings when the death toll numbers spike high and he'll be asked real-time questions by reporters in the room . . that's when Pence will get the front-man Podium job, I bet

  3. If it was Trumps family and friends at any real risk he would want to shut down as long as necessary. But it's mostly the peasant getting sick and risking thier lives. So for him that's acceptable losses.

  4. Trumps late reaction to this crisis makes him so incompetent to be President. He says its a hoax, joking with it and did not care about it. Now look at how far it has brought Americans, innocent people are dying just because he is carless he does not care about the American people. Wake up America and vote him out of office. Its not MAGA but rather MADA( Make America Die Again) through his incompetence leadership.

  5. Not sure what the big deal is, he is hoping to open it up by Easter but I am sure if it’s still bad by then he will not open it up, it’s sad how much people hate this president, and he is right the dems and the media do want the economy to fail to make him look bad

  6. The second cycle of Spanish Flu was far more lethal than the first wave. October 1918 was the deadliest month of the pandemic.
    Trump is gambling tens of thousands of American lives on his poorly educated "hunches."

  7. We just surpassed Italy for the most cases of infection. We are now number two behind China. We were six on Monday. We'll be number one soon enough if we listen to this oaf. What's the game here… it's like he wants people to die.

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