The Biggies LIES Told In 'Self Made', The Netflix Movie Inspired By The Life Of Madame CJ Walker

If you want to know the truth read her great granddaughter’s book:

“Self Made” is a fictionalized story of the life of the real Madame CJ Walker (Sara Breedlove.)
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41 thoughts on “The Biggies LIES Told In 'Self Made', The Netflix Movie Inspired By The Life Of Madame CJ Walker

  1. One last thing: I dont have problems with movies tackling colorism, but when they tackle it, the dark skinned woman is always overweight and the light skinned woman is dainty and cute. To me, this promotes colorism more. They also show the dark skinned woman behaving masculine and the light skinned woman as fierce but desirable and feminine, which furthers the stereotypes more too.

  2. You should be saying that about #KasiLemmons she is the one that made a fictional villain in the #harrietmovie #biggerlong and now making black men the villain in the Netflix #selfmade. She pushes dangerous propaganda for her liberal masters of our erasure. This movie was meant to mislead the Black youths with all that overtone agendas of colorism, homosexual and Black men are no good. From my understanding, those two women had the same skin color and same hair texture. We need to teach our own children.

  3. TBH colorism In the black community is dumb AF. BC NO ONE can control how they are born. When it’s all said & done do you think the police care if your light or dark when they hold that service weapon to your head?Leave that shit back on the plantation. Furthermore do you see white people discriminate against the English, Irish , Germans or the French? No! UNTIL they open their mouth they are white. Get a clue.

  4. i watched this series straight through yesterday. While I agree with you on a more factual account,this series had some wonderful acting, settings costumes and I did enjoy watching the series for what it was. This series also…which I believe is most important was to get a conversation going. The series gave me a curiosity to learn more about this aspect of history and the people involved. An actual documentary…that would be splendid.

  5. Yes it was so many lies in this series but it was very entertaining to watch 💯 and that lie about Lighter Black Women being married is still circulated in the media today. I myself am married to my very handsome dark-skinned husband and my dark-skinned family members, church family and friends are all also married. 👍🏼

  6. There’s a time to entertain and a time to tell the truth..This should not have been a series of entertainment at the expense of the truth when it comes to acting out a persons biography on the movie screen..

  7. They want to keep the Willie Lynch program going pit the young against the old the light skinned against the dark skin to keep us against each other so we will never come together never become the nation that we are and rise to power they love to make our men look weak and our women look manly.

  8. This was based on a book that was written. Annie Malone unfortunately had so many things that went wrong with her business however. She had so many legal battles with the IRS do to her business taxes. There wasn't any documentation of her business finances besides news articles giving misinformation about her wealth in which people use as facts without proper documentation. She was the first millionaire by ideology but by paperwork and documentation MCJW is the first because she has financial documents to back up her claims. I've visited the Museum as I live in St Louis and the Children's home in which they all have confirmed there isn't any documents. Her business partner and other staff didn't have her best interest.

  9. Why is it that every Black movie has to be picked apart and has to be so factual. If "Self Made" was a documentary then look forbthe facts. I thought the series was really entertaining.

  10. Wow, thanks for all the facts checking. I too were puzzled with a lot in the series, but Happy you researched them, it was answering my questions without being asked. Thanks and keep up the good work. I have become a subscriber. Respect

  11. There's a difference between "inspired by true events" and "based on a true story." Every dramatization of a real person is fictionalized to some extent in hopes of creating compelling drama. The character of Addie Munroe, I believe, was created as an opponent for Sara and was supposed symbolize and embody Sara's insecurities about herself as well as highlight the obstacles of colorism, sexism etc. Sometimes true stories are not inherently dramatic enough for the screen in the context of mass entertainment. Many folk have problems when a book is made into a film and complain, "it was nothing like the book." Well, it's a different medium made for consumption in a different context. I believe one of the aims of the mini-series was to inspire people to do more research into the actual life of Madame C.J. Walker. Perhaps a documentary will be forthcoming.

  12. Well, I saw the movie! All movies are entertainment. We should expect some slight adjustments. But, "Lies" That is a bit strong. Just because we read some documents, Does not mean it proves your points. All documents can be altered, especially over 100 years ago documents. No one is here, to contest on either side. I will say this! watching a movie about a non-fictional person. should make you do your own research. And appreciate the history. Which I did!

  13. I won’t watch it at all. Why is there a need to make up stuff about her when there is more than enough factual information about her to put in the movie. From the info you found seems to me that her life was very successful and that she supported her husband not tear him down.

  14. Honestly when I saw “INSPIRED by the life of madame CJ Walker” I already knew they were gonna feed us some bull. That being said it was enjoyable and I appreciate black people working. I didn’t like the pitting two women against each other like they always do. Frankly I would’ve enjoyed Madame fighting against being under estimated as a woman way more than her fighting against another woman just the way they portray the story of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Also, if they were going to lie so much then change the characters names and just make it a fictional story we still would’ve watched and enjoyed it and it wouldn’t be in the shadow of a real person. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is based off of real characters like Joan Rivers but because they didn’t make it a biography you don’t have to live up to someone so big and offend so many people.

  15. Thank you for putting this information out there they need to stop using our historical figures to push I'm so happy you cleared up the the lie about the lady not hiring her because she was dark skin

  16. I had to guess that you were talking about our (St. Louis's) Beloved Annie Malone. I guess there was no mention of her works beyond hair in the "docu-series".🙄🙄☹️ She was way more, did more and is still to this day celebrated by Black St. Louis.

  17. I am so happy that you did this review on the series because I watched another channel entitled Chloe in which she stated that we can learn a lot from watching Self-Made in which she stated that Madam CJ Walker was ambitious and that her ambition is what made her husband cheat on her in the end making it seem that in order to be feminine we can't be too ambitious. Also, she stated why it wasn't good for women to be too independent and why we should practice hypergamy.

  18. I believe her daughter was bisexual. Hence why she got married and divorce 3 times. In that time many lesbians who were black would marry “lavender men” which was a cover up term for women who had men as their beards. Even sometimes those men would be homosexual themselves. When they wanted to conceal their sexuality to the public. I don’t think there was a gay agenda…. they told the absolute truth when it came to her daughter.

  19. Im so happy that you did this video because I read the book late last year. Then when I watched the movie I was like "noooooo". Netflix really messed up the story. Im so done with people messing up our stories. You can do a movie with the facts and still be entertaining. Thanks sis for the vid.

  20. I was very interested in the story of Madame CJ Walker and was looking forward to the docu-series, but this series seems to be very fabricated. Few things that I found to be irrelevant and exaggerated. Why was it important to add that her daughter was a lesbian.  Is that even true or was that part of the deal they had to make to do the movie/put on Netflix. Hmm?  I also did not agree how they portrayed blackman/blackwoman relationships. Always putting them against each other, promoting that feminist vibe. Her husband CJ was a good man from what I can see. He gave her his all even when she degraded him. He wasn't trying to take over or be in charge he just wanted to feel like they had a partnership, they were in it together. Then to portray her as the victim when he went astray was disingenuous. She had a major part to play of their marriage falling apart. Why couldn't we have a series that highlighted her and the accomplishments she achieved period. I can't sit my kids down to watch this and learn something because of all that extra stuff they put in there.  Re-do please.

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