Survivalist Les Stroud Breaks Down Survival Scenes from Movies | GQ

Survivalist Les Stroud breaks down combat scenes from movies, including ‘127 Hours,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘Into the Wild,’ ‘The Edge,’ ‘127 Hours,’ ‘Life of Pi,’ ‘Open …


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  1. Anyone else get annoyed when he said 80% of heat is lost through the head. Its more like 30-35% buddy in 32 degrees. In negative degree weather, its more like 35%. Also yes you can drink your own pee. Its not recommended, but you can do it. It will hydrate you for a sort while but don't do it a second time. Your body can handle the toxins the first time around, BUT DONT DO IT AGAIN. You can become sick, or ill if you do it too many times. If you are in a survival situation, try to find water in any way you can first.

  2. Oh God do NOT play dead in front of a grizzly bear :O I had many Canadian survivalists tell me that people died because they thought it was the right reaction…! DON'T. The actual best thing to do is to make a LOT of noise. Bears have fuzzy vision and will believe you are a team of hunters if you make a TON of noise.

  3. 20:08 the problem here is that the most dangerous thing about a new experience is what you don't know, that you don't know. If you KNOW you don't know something, you can research it and then you know it. but what things are you NOT looking into, because you don't know to look into them? THAT is how people get into dangerous situations…they THINK they've "thought it through", but aren't even close.

  4. i hate those stuff coz who are they to talk ? survivalist alright but what gives him the right to talk about the dude that lost his arm or the plane crash in the Ande, i mean this dude is just a random trying to teach me life so stfu, like all the other video of this channel its a bunch of no name trying to say they are better than the people they talk about.

  5. I like how hes honest with himself, saying hes made mistakes and probably would make more mistakes in a survival situations. Not claiming that hes perfect at it

  6. For some reason this guys facial structure reminds me of Ben Shapiro, maybe the stern eye brows or what. If anyone can tell me if they think different or the same and please reasons! Ty

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