9 thoughts on “Sunshine – Movie Trailer

  1. This movie is the same old sexist gender mix. 2 or more times males than females. Never changes. Doesn't even make good sense. If they are going to send all these healthy people out in space for years at a time, there should be enough females to go around, plus 1 or 2 extra just in case. Such a disparity of genders will lead to unnecessary strife and conflict. It seems all these writers must share the same brain since 99% of them write it exactly the same way.

    And why the heck did the Capt. put on sunglasses to see the sun at 3.1% brightness? Makes zero sense. He raises it to 3.1%, then turns right around and darkens it again with shades.

  2. boring boring boring boring the worst and the most boring film i've ever seen. im not saying that this movie is crap but defintely true – the movie is boring totally boring ! i don't know which movie in sunshine and interstellar is the worst awful movie ! i don't WTF is this!

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