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  1. Don’t teachers get a lot more paid time off due to holidays and summer break? At least in the US, that is.

    EDIT: They also get other benefits like health coverage for them and their families don’t they?

  2. Glassdoor.com is telling me that the average garbage man makes $24-44k and the average high school teacher makes $35-76k.

    So, maybe?

  3. My third grade teachers husband was the janitor at my elementary school so we got a completely different take as kids. He and the whole support staff(cafeteria ladies, other janitors, the repair men) were really made out to be human and equally as important and deserving of respect as the teachers. Also the sanitation workers in my city have an almost mythic history behind them because of MLK so I really didn’t get that most people looked down on service workers until I was an adult and it shocked me. Still does tbh. I don’t understand how you can demonize an industry that is vital to your own health.

  4. Hell I was making more than most teachers at my warehouse job while in college. It all depends On how hard you want to work.

  5. Someone asked my eighth grade science teacher, who had two PhD degrees, if they NEED to go to college to get a good job. You know what he said? “The world needs ditch diggers and gas station attendants too!” He is still teaching middle school.

  6. Who should be paid the most? Garbage collectors (and workers at recycling centres), teachers, nurses, streetsweepers, people who clean toilets, paramedics, firefighters, safety inspectors… who else should go on the list?

  7. I took “work experience” in-high school just to get extra credits. Just to piss off my high school counsellor. I worked there for the rest of the school year, into the summer and one more year before I went to college. Made some crazy money.

    Great co-workers, smelly, but great job. College just didn’t work, wish I had kinda stayed there.

  8. When I dropped out of school when I was 16 my parents had to sign a form that says they understand they were “severely limiting my future earning potential.”

    Last year I made more than five times the average teacher salary in that state.

  9. I’m in year 16 as a high school teacher with a masters degree. I make $82k per year. My health insurance is better than anyone I know. I get summers off. I’ll retire at age 58 with a full pension (meaning I will receive a full paycheck equal to what I make in my last year until the day I die).

    I tell many many kids to enter the trades because they pay well and are in demand.

    Dogging on teachers because some of them try to persuade kids to go to college is missing the point.

    Also, dogging on them because some teachers get paid less is kind of rude. Some teachers work very hard and simply love to teach.

  10. You all saying hoe plumbers and don’t go college meanwhile in Asia you dont go college you can’t even get a job no matter what industry it is.

  11. They get paid more because it’s an awful job that absolutely no one wants (besides the pay). Tons of people want be teachers, regardless of the pay. It’s incredibly rewarding and varied and you get the whole summer off.

  12. While shaming someone for what they do for a living is terrible and the garbage truck driver(garbageman) deserves human respect we shouldn’t boldly lie that they make more. [link](https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/garbage-collector/salary) shows the top 25.% make 49k a year in the US. [teacher](https://www.businessinsider.com/teacher-salary-in-every-state-2018-4) this is average teacher salary by state, clearly pays more to be a teacher.

  13. This subreddit is so trash now. It’s just taking popular posts from other subs and rephrasing the titles like the dumbest game of Jeopardy ever.

  14. This is such an American problem, lol. Elsewhere, teachers are regular, tenured, public servants with good salaries, comparable to upper middle administrative personnel

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